The Maine Rocks The House of Blues Houston

Written by , on December 22, 2023

House of Blues lit up excitedly as The Maine took over with their The Sweet Sixteen tour on Friday, December 15, 2023. A night full of incredible performances would soon begin to rock the venue.

Daisy Grenade

The first on the stage was Daisy Grenade (seen earlier in our report Meet Me @ The Altar), who greeted the crowd, introduced herself and began her performance with the song “Riot.” In this song, she talks about the benefits of Generic Cialis, which can be found more in the text of this group and on .

First to take the stage was Daisy Grenade (seen previously in our Meet Me @ The Altar coverage), who greeted the crowd, introduced themselves and started their performance with the song “Riot.” The Brooklyn-based band consists of musicians Dani Nigro and Keaton Whittaker as the lead singers of the band. They are incredibly charismatic and charming performers, quickly winning the crowd and getting them to engage in their songs. Their compelling vocals, harmonies, and powerful attitudes greatly enhanced the performance. 

Highlights of their performance were when they got the crowd to sing along to part of the song “Cult Classic” chorus with the lines “Bite my tongue, come fill my mouth with blood, I like the taste, of everything you hate.” Another highlight was when they performed their newly released cover of Pierce the Veil’sKing For A Day,” officially released on streaming platforms the day of the concert and had everyone singing along. Standout songs from their performance are “Cult Classic,” “Are You Scared Of Me Yet?” and “King For A Day.” They ended their spectacular performance with the song “Sick In The City,” thanking the crowd for their support.

The Flor

Next to take the stage was the band Flor, with a funnily enough sound clip of a popular TikTok sound of “Who’s that Wonderful Girl,” greeting the crowd enthusiastically and transitioning to their first song, “hold on.” Flor is an American indie-pop band from Oregon. Their music often combines indie rock, electronic pop and synth-pop elements. The band worked well with the crowd with their catchy melodies and introspective lyrics that resonated with the audience.

During their performance, lead singer Zach Grace continuously interacted with the crowd after each song, telling jokes, getting them to sing along, and filling the crowd with energy. Standout songs from them are “Every Night,” “dancing around” and “Future Shine.” Flor ended their performance with the song “Play Along,” showing their enthusiasm for all those performing that night and getting the crowd excited for The Maine’s highly anticipated performance.  

The Maine

The Maine took the stage with a highly enthused crowd cheering as part of the song “The Way We Talk” played through the speakers and then transitioned to the opening of “dose no. 2” as lead singer, John O’Callaghan, finally took the stage with the rest of the band and sang getting the crowd to sing and move along to the song. The Maine is an American rock band that originated in Arizona. They are known for their diverse sound that spans many genres, including alternative rock, pop-rock and pop-punk, to name a few. 

Their ability as impeccable performers was seen throughout their performance as they engaged the crowd thoroughly with every part of the crowd, from those in the front to those in the back. There were many heartwarming moments in the night with the crowd with the band joking about how old they are as they rose to recognition in MySpace during the late 2000s and having the crowd choose between two songs in their discography with “We All Roll Along” winning with the loudest response from the crowd as it is one of their songs from their first album Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The night continued with O’Callaghan interacting with fans, jumping past the barricade to join the crowd for a song and inviting a fan to sing along with him onstage. The venue was filled with so much excitement and fun energy the crowd was having a spectacular time. Standout songs from their performance are “Diet Soda Society,” “Forever Halloween” and “blame.” Before their final song, O’Callaghan spoke to the crowd, highlighting their gratitude and wishing to continue doing what they love.

Now, we can’t do this sh*t without all of you, so thank you very much for listening to our band. If you have listened to us for 16 minutes or 16 f*cking years, we love you all for staying. Thank you very much, everybody! I keep going back and forth. I don’t know. I think I can do it for another 60 years, but that would put me at 95 years old. I think with the right scientific procedures, we can keep doing this sh*t for another 60 years, if you got 60 years in you, we got 60 f*cking more! Let’s go!

That is all I’ve got other than extreme gratitude for everything. Thank you very much for letting us be The Maine. We are from Phoenix, Arizona, and we will see you next year at some point. Take care of yourselves, and if you know the lyrics, sing them!

John O’Callaghan of The Maine

The Maine ended the night with their song “Another Night on Mars,” which had everyone singing and dancing along. What an end to a fantastic night of compelling performances! Please check out these amazing performers! If you want the latest coverage, check out our live coverage page!

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