Off Record Media and Their Super Grand Opening Show

Written by , on February 29, 2024

Off Record Media celebrates a new rebrand and office with a rocking show at Starseed Hostel. On the bill was Juvenoia, Hazy Sky and Superheated Microplastic.

It was an exciting day on February 1, 2024, when Off Record announced some big changes. Including a name change from Off Record Blog to Off Record Media, they expanded their brand by becoming an independent publication and booking/ promotions team. On February 23, co-founders Keylee Paz and Emily Martinez celebrated the switch with the Super Grand Opening Show located at their new office building, Starseed Hostel.

First to play was a newer band to the scene, Superheated Microplastic, formerly known as Dogwalter. Their hard-hitting sound and great music started the night off on a high note. The band also announced a new edition to their group. Towards the middle of the set, lead singer Walter Flores called to the new guitarist in the crowd to begin playing with them. Superheated Microplastic gave a strong set and we can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

Next up was Hazy Sky to keep the party going. The band knew how to capture the attention of the crowd right from the start, even attracting people from outside the building to come in and watch. Their indie-psych sound gave a nice contrast to the first performance, as they slowed things down. The group performed originals like “Adidas Slides” and a few covers such as Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Last up was jazz band, Juvenoia. The group’s groovy tones had the audience dancing, as they performed songs off of their self-titled EP, Juvenoia. From the sax and the keys to the bass and guitar, they gave a great ending to a perfect night of celebrating Off Record Media.

As Off Record Media continues to grow and expand, make sure to keep up with them and new events on their instagram @offrecordtx!

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