An Evening with Post Sex Nachos: the Interview + Show Review

Written by , on February 28, 2024

Shortly following the release of their newest album, Prima/Vera, Post Sex Nachos set out on their thirty two-stop North American tour, Prima/Vera Spring Tour 2024. The band stopped in Houston, Texas on February 21st to perform for a jam-packed upstairs at White Oak Music Hall. On the same day, the Coog Radio team had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the band and view their exciting performance shortly after.

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The band itself is filled with a bunch of lovable guys, who are charming and have a great sense of humor. They are Chase Mueller (bass), Hunter Pendleton (drums), Mitch Broddon (lead guitar), Kevin Jerez (keyboard) and Sammy Elfy (rhythm guitar and lead vocals).

Below is what they had to say about their journey as a band, their music, and more.

Keep reading after to see what we had to say about the show!

The Interview

Q: Hi everyone, we are so excited to be interviewing y’all today. I read through your Spotify bio in preparation for the interview and I thought it was funny. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?

A: So we started off as a college band…we haven’t updated it [in a while]. But we do love Mexican food, that’s a fact. We actually just had the best Mexican food the other night in New Orleans. [The restaurant] is in a venue called Sibera, and it’s inside. It’s called Que Pasta. It has empanadas, and it is perfect.

The bio is outdated, but that is a fact, we love Mexican food.

I wrote that bio a bit intoxicated, when I was 21…we’re not that funny…just silly.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: It’s kinda all over the place…Spotify keeps putting us on these playlists. Sometimes I’m like “what?” Other times I can see it. I would call us indie rock. We’re pop rock with a bunch of funk.

Q: I’ve noticed that a lot of Missouri artists often have a specific heavy metal or emo sound, which deviates from y’all. How would you say you differ in terms of other bands that are also from St. Louis?

A: I think that comes down to the five of us individually. If you had a Venn Diagram you could point out spots with our key influences. Where they differ- is what I think makes this band really unique genre or two that they have that the other members of this band don’t have.

You can call us a “cosmic gumbo….” we definitely know what you’re talking about though. You know how COVID had a way of eliminating a bunch of venues… but there is still a thriving indie rock scene in Missouri.

Q: What are some other indie rock bands in Missouri?

A: From St. Louis, Starwolf, Little Cowboy, I’d probably say the Greeting Committee, Zion Isaiah from Kansas City. A lot of the bands we play with may have a different sound than us.

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Q: What is your songwriting process like?

A: It’s a little different every time. Someone will bring a song and it will have as much structure as it has. We will come together and make it a band song, and add lyrics…but everyone has a say in how the song sounds.

Q: What is your favorite song on the album?

A: (Note from the interviewer: they named every song on the album.)

Q: Well, my favorite song from the album is “Highlight.”

A: Ooh, that’s a good one. We were in the fourth quarter with that one, and it was a late game in the album. We just wanted a breather. I think it came out really nice and pretty. I think it sounds different from the rest of the album, but the production quality and the soundscape completely blows it.

Q: Can y’all tell me a bit about “Talk About It?”

A: Yes, lets talk about it! We collaborated with The Greeting Committee who is also based in Nashville…it’s a bop. It’s a really fun song. It was incredible for us to do because if you’ve been living in Missouri for a while, everyone knows that The Greeting Committee has been doing it for a while. It was wonderful. We loved the entire experience.

Q: Is there anything y’all are looking forward to on tour?

A: There is a ton of cities we have not played at before…like Houston. We are getting to these new cities, and that’s a good feeling. Also, going back to venues that we have seen before and see fans again. We’re gonna go skiing. We didn’t get to go to Disney World so we are going to go skiing and snowboarding. It’s on the record so we have to do it.

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The Show

At around 7pm, White Oak Music Hall started to fill as fans waited in anticipation to see Post Sex Nachos. The show was accompanied by Austin-based band, sleep well., who followed the band through their three Texas dates.

sleep well. began the show by putting the audience in a trance as their soft yet powerful tones rocked the room and got them moving to the rhythm. It only took about ten seconds for the audience to be mesmerized with their performance. It was a good thirty minutes to get the show started.

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Next up was the main act, Post Sex Nachos. As the band took the stage, the crowd went wild. After a great set from sleep well., they could tell the night would only continue to get better and were anxious to for the band to begin. Right from the first beat, the energy of the room absolutely skyrocketed through the roof. The set kicked off with upbeat songs such as “Canyon” and “Mushroom Cloud.”

In between songs, the group took the time to introduce themselves and thank the crowd for being there. They told everyone about their roots in Missouri and even though the band isn’t native to Texas, it wasn’t hard for Houston to welcome them as their own.

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Each song the band performed allowed fans to fall deeper in love with their music. For the amount of time Post Sex Nachos was on the stage, the venue was really just a big dance party. It was hard to stay still as their infectious melodies and rocking riffs filled the air.

Apart from their sound, one thing that really stood out about the band was their stage presence and personalities. They were incredibly interactive with the crowd, especially during “Growing Old” and “Talk About It.” They also let their comedic sides shine when they tricked the crowd with a “Stairway to Heaven,” turned “…Baby One More Time” cover.

Overall, it was a great performance for Post Sex Nachos that we wish we could go back to. If you can, I definitely recommend checking them out while on their Prima/Vera tour. Keep up with the band at their Instagram @postsexnachos.

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