Caroline Polachek is Keeping it Fresh

Written by on February 28, 2024

Caroline Polachek does it all. As a songwriter, producer, singer, and director, her discography reflects the level of deep care and intention that she holds for her work. She has been nearly a lifelong musician, beginning her journey as a choir kid. Years later, the artist has contributed to countless culturally influential musical projects.

On February 14, 2023, she released the album Desire I Want To Turn Into You, with iconic tracks like “Welcome To My Island,” “Bunny Is A Rider,” and “Sunset.” Her vocal range and production skills are on full display with these songs, and her rich musical knowledge informs the way that she pulls from different genres. 

image courtesy of The Late Show.

The song “I Believe,” which was written as a tribute to the late Sophie, originally featured a throwback style of synth production and sampling. In the updated album, an acoustic version of the song closes us out. “I Believe” is about the tragic loss of an iconic producer and friend, and the simplicity of this arrangement gives it such an earnest and emotional vibe. 

The album is extremely self-referential and weaves an elevated abstract narrative. Many lyrics and ideas repeat themselves in different songs, which gives the whole project a cohesive feeling. Exactly one year after its release, Desire I Want To Turn Into You was updated with what Polachek calls the Everasking Edition. Eight new bonus tracks were added to the project, including an exciting feature from Weyes Blood on the song “Butterfly Net.” 

Weyes Blood and Caroline Polachek.
Pictures via @WeyesBlood on Twitter / X.

Polachek’s flexibility with her music manifests in really interesting ways. On February 22, 2024, she tweeted, “Woke up today feeling like ‘Long Road Home’ should be on the Everasking Edition. So I added it. Just like that.” This post acted as her public announcement that the deluxe version of her album, published eight days earlier, has been updated with an extra song. 

This spontaneous attitude fits perfectly with the persona that the artist has acquired and built for herself. Polachek’s dedication to her craft is so beautiful to watch, and her creative intuition is a symptom of how long and how passionately she has been working as an artist. 

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