Spongebob AI Music Depicts New Wave of Rap

Written by on February 26, 2024

Glorb, an artist whose identity remains hidden, has left his mark on 2023 in a unique way. While most artists tend to use their voice in their craft, Glorb has mastered mixing the different A.I. voices of characters in Spongebob Squarepants, a popular cartoon. In an array of singles, Glorb has created a new storyline for the beloved characters, depicting them as gangsters. Here, I will list the top five tracks that display Glorb’s talent for creative line delivery, storytelling and catchy instrumentals.

1. The Bottom

“The Bottom” was one of the earlier singles released by Glorb, providing an introduction to the characters. This track comprises the Krusty Crab crew, MrSwags (Eugene Crabs), SpongeOpp (Spongebob SquarePants), and Squidwock (Squidward Tentacles). The three men depict how they run the town of Bikini Bottom and their restaurant, The Krusty Krab. A main highlight of this song is the crew’s opposition toward Dankton (Plankton) and maintaining dominance by seducing his wife, Karen.

2. K.F.C.

In response to the Krusty Karb Crew song “The Bottom,” Dankton (Plankton) created a diss track targeting his rival, Mr.Swags. The track features a brainwashed Notorious P.A.T. (Patrick Star), a former member of the Krusty Krab crew. This track highlights Glorb’s talent for puns, pop culture references, and double entendres. For instance, the track has the line, 

“I’ma Kill a F***** crab at the bucket like it’s K.F.C.” 

The line contains multiple layers:

  • The play of the initials K.F.C.
  • The reference to the chum bucket with the word bucket.
  • The fact that K.F.C. is a popular fast food place that sells chicken in a bucket. 

Glorb displays his range of talent in a simple line, making this song extraordinary, considering it is a parody.

3. The Bottom 2

“The Bottom 2” is the ultimate sequel to the original “The Bottom.” It features multiple verses from all the characters from The Krusty Krab Crew. SpongeOpp, Squidwock, Mr.Swags, Notorious P.A.T, Sandy Thee Squirell, and even Gary bring clever raps to a catchy beat. One of my favorite lines comes from Squidwock when he states 

“I’m a stone-face killer like my mother effin house is.”

This line addresses Squidwock’s home, a stone house that looks like a face. The line also acts as a metaphor for how Squidwock has no remorse for hurting others, considering a stone face represents a callous personality. 


“Eugene” has one of the catchiest choruses that draw listeners’ attention. The track depicts how Mr. Swags is the leader of the Krusty Krab Crew, how they got Patrick back from being brainwashed, and how they live in a town that prioritizes violence. It’s a song that addresses their opposition toward plankton with a beautiful verse from Squidwock. The verse reads 

“Cut a b*** of like the hash-slinging slasher Karen P ***** off cause a Squid wouldn’t smash her. At the Bubble Bowl, backstage, like an actor. She wants my bollworm as it came from Alaska.” 

“EUGENE” by Glorb

Squidwock draws references from multiple Spongebob episodes, allowing it to engage fans of the show while maintaining the rap theme. This verse genuinely got me into Glorb’s discography and showed me Glorb’s talented writing skills.


I left one of the best songs for last because this song is a masterpiece. It has Sandy Thee Squirrel make a diss track toward Dankton. The track emulates many popular tracks from female rappers such as Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, and Ice Spice. Sandy Thee Squriell has excellent flow, lyrics, and instrumentals and challenges the rap game. The one line that sums up her skills is: 

“I hit your block on every corner like a DVD.” 

This line is not only clever but also displays how Sandy shows the world that women belong in a male-dominated hip-hop scene. 

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