Ryan Beatty Graces White Oak Music Hall

Written by , on February 23, 2024

On Friday February 16, 2024, Ryan Beatty blessed the White Oak Music Hall stage with his beautiful vocals and amazing presence.

Currently, Beatty is on his calico North America tour, celebrating his new album Calico. This album is soulful and full of moving lyrics, and his show did not disappoint. Houston was his second stop on tour, leading to a lot of anticipation from the crowd. Before he came on stage, fans were bubbling with excitement. Everyone was extremely friendly, and shared a sense of wonder when Beatty finally came on stage.

He began his set with his song “Ribbons,” which also begins his album. Beatty sat on stage, lit with a beautiful white hue. It was truly otherworldly. This song deeply resounded through the audience as they went silent with wonder at the beauty of his voice.

Beatty performed a majority of the songs on his newest album with some vocal standouts being “Andromeda” and “White Teeth.” Although a majority of his concert was relatively slower-paced, the crowd brought a great energy. Many of them enthusiastically sang along to his songs, and were very engaged throughout his set. 

After the second song in his set, “Cinnamon Bread,” Beatty addressed the crowd, saying he was “excited to be starting off his tour in Texas.” He also said “this tour is like a dream come true…hearing you guys sing a long is a blessing.”

The crowd really came alive during his song “Haircut” from his 2018 album “Boy In Jeans.” Beatty allowed the crowd to sing along to the chorus of the song. During this song, the venue came along as fans cheered along to the lyrics “it starts right now.” It was truly an amazing experience, and brought together fans as they enjoyed their favorite artist. 

Beatty also played the song “Powerslide” from the same album. This song added diversity to the setlist and allowed Beatty to show off his various shifts in genres over time. Along with that, Beatty surprised fans with various note changes, and was truly able to show off his sheer talent and love for his music.

Definitely check out Ryan Beatty before his North America tour ends. It will definitely be an experience to remember.

Photo by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio

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