SXSW Day Six: Punk Rock Metal Show Down

Written by , on March 17, 2024

Despite the overcast and muggy weather, the atmosphere was electric. As the week drew to a close, the final day of SXSW ushered in a fresh wave of punk rock artists, each with a unique sound. Coog Radio visited Mohawk and Smartpunk Records, where we immersed ourselves in the raw energy of punk, indie and metal rock.

Mohawk Showcase

The combination of outdoor venues and indoor bars offered a diverse experience for all guests. The outdoor stage was a hub of activity, with mosh pits and a bustling merch table, while the indoor stage was a riot of fun lights and energetic dancing. The Mohawk showcase, running from noon to 6PM, was a testament to the event’s inclusivity, featuring a wide range of bands that catered to all ages and tastes.


Glare took my breath away with their assortment of shoegaze and indie rock. Consisting of three guitarists connected to a bunch of petals, a catchy bass player, and an energetic drummer, the band excited the crowd during their 3:20PM slot. With songs such as “Blank,” “Bloom” and “Void in Bloom,” they are a must-watch for fans of shoegaze and indie rock.

Chanel Beads

It was a calmer vibe on the indoor stage when Chanel Beads started playing. The NYC based band had the crowd vibing and swaying to their violin, guitar and soft vocals. A standout song was definitely “Police Scanner,” one of the bands top hits that audience sang along to.


The hardcore metal group had an intensity unlike any other. With a girl lead singer, her vocals roared into the crowd. Multiple stage divers and two-steppers were amid a colossal mosh pit. As the band’s first of three performances of the day, they brought full intensity to songs such as “XOXO,” “Honed Blade” and “Dicey.” They are a must-watch for fans of hardcore metal music.

Fat Dog

Fat Dog came to close things out back on the indoor stage. Their energetic performance was full of light moshing, great dancing and crab hands. The band and lead singer had great stage presence. They interacted with the crowd multiple times, even getting into the crowd twice. They sang both of their currently released songs, “King of the Slugs” and “All the Same,” as well as a few unreleased ones.

The Armed

The armed has a stage presence that radiates throughout the crowd. Multiple members from the ban go into the mosh pit and crowd-surfing into the audience. The guitarist even picked up one fan and carried him on his back. It was a fantastic show, filled with a bunch of fog. The band members were super kind and made sure everyone was safe. With hits such as “Modern Vanity,” “Everything’s Glitter,” and “Fortune’s Daughter,” they are a must-watch for fans of the cyberpunk genre.

Smartpunk Records Showcase

Smartpunk Records presented a variety of alternative rock groups on both its outdoor and indoor stages. Open for all ages, the venues even offered guests free tote bags and tap water on the bar, creating a pleasant experience. Coog Radio was honored to stop by the showcase after Mohawk to see more punk groups’ performances.

Tear Dungeon

Tear Dungeon gave a shocking performance filled with heavy metal music, fake blood, and raging vocals. Without any notion of this group before arrival, I was shocked to see the lead singer put red-dyed beer on his shirt and spit it into the crowd. The group had black ski masks and white t-shirts covered in fake blood and dedicated to the bit for the entire performance, even joining the mosh pit. With songs such as “If I Was a Cop” and “Father Yod,” they are a must-watch for heavy metal fans.

Luna Aura

Luna Aura provided an incredible alternative rock performance on the AKT stage. The group rocks the stage with guitarist Craig, drummer Josh, and Aura’s unique vocals. With hits such as “CRASH DRIVE,” “BABYDOLL,” and “HONEY,” Aura gave the audience a taste of modern alternative rock. The group even went overtime performing an extra song for the audience, concluding with Aura’s perfect pitch.


The metal band from Fort Worth, Texas, contained the complete emo package. With raspy hardcore vocals by Blake Ibanez, electric guitar, funky bass lines, and pounding drums, the mosh pits were intense throughout the whole set. Performing songs such as “Maniac,” “Raise The Dead” and “Blast Furnace,” the band is perfect for fans of Texan-based metal music.

Remo Drive

The Minneapolis, Minnesota, band graced the stage with their Midwest-inspired indie rock music. The guitar and drums calmed the crowd after the hardcore metal performances, as the vocalist had a hint of blues. With songs such as “White Dress” and “Yer Killing Me,” the band advertised to the crowd their new record, “Mercy.” They are a perfect fit for fans of mid-western emo and indie rock.

It was overall an incredible year for the South By Southwest Music Festival. As it came to a close, the Coog Radio team was definitely sad to leave but can’t wait to see what is in store next year!

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