SXSW Music Festival Day Three: Music and Intensity

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On Wednesday, March 13th, the SXSW Music Festival intensified as musicians showcased their talent throughout downtown Austin. The energy culminated when, at night, music of all kinds could be heard on every street downtown.

Woman That Rock Unofficial Showcase

Neptune’s Core

Neptune’s Core made an indelible mark on the stage of the Woman that Rock unofficial showcase as the inaugural performers. Hailing from the heart of Chicago’s thriving indie-rock scene, this dynamic ensemble is more than just a band; they’re a testament to the power of sisterhood and musical synergy. Comprising two sets of sisters, Neptune’s Core merges familial bonds with artistic collaboration, resulting in a formidable musical force. Their performance was electrifying, captivating the audience with their infectious energy and seamless harmonies and seamlessly weaving together elements of indie-rock with hints of various other genres. Neptune’s Core crafts a sound that is as eclectic as it is captivating. 

Asha Jefferies

Hailing from the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia, Asha Jefferies emerges as a beacon of introspective artistry within pop music. With a reputation for crafting poignant and melancholic melodies, Jefferies captivates audiences with her soul-stirring compositions. Drawing from her experiences and observations, her music serves as a window into the depths of human emotion, resonating with listeners profoundly. Her performance was spectacular, as she effortlessly wove together elements of vulnerability and strength, delivering each note with unwavering sincerity. Jefferies’ ethereal vocals washed over the audience, carrying with them a sense of tranquility and introspection. 


From the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain, Hinds is a testament to the boundless energy and raw authenticity that defines the indie rock scene. This dynamic ensemble has carved out a niche with their infectious energy and unapologetically DIY approach to music-making. Armed with raucous guitar riffs, infectious melodies, and vocals dripping with sincerity, Hinds unleashes a sonic onslaught that leaves audiences spellbound. Hinds exudes a carefree and rebellious spirit on stage, channeling their passion for music into every chord and lyric. This genuine love for their craft resonates with fans, forging a deep connection that transcends the venue’s confines.

C3 Management Showcase


Originating from the lively coastal city of Brighton, England, Tigercub emerges as a formidable force within the realm of British alternative rock. This trio is renowned for their unapologetically gritty sound and electrifying stage presence. Blending elements of grunge, punk, and shoegaze, Tigercub crafts a sonic landscape that is both dynamic and raw, captivating audiences with their visceral intensity. At Antone’s Nightclub, their performance unleashed a tempest of sound, propelled by thunderous drumbeats, searing guitar riffs and vocals dripping with passion. The atmosphere crackled with energy as Tigercub commanded the stage, drawing listeners into their sonic vortex with an irresistible magnetism. Long after the final chord faded into the night, the memory of Tigercub’s ferocious performance lingered, leaving an indelible mark on all who bore witness to their musical prowess.

Rolling Stone’s Future of Music Showcase

On March 13, 2024, Rolling Stone presented a lineup of Latino artists shaping the music industry today. The Moody Theater was excited as Rolling Stone unveiled their “Future of Music” showcase. The anticipation was palpable, with fans of Pink Pablo, J Noa, Kevin Kaarl, Young Miko, and headliner Peso Pluma lining up for blocks before the show.

Pink Pablo

Stepping into the venue, I was greeted by the sight of a shirtless Pink Pablo confidently commanding the stage. This Puerto Rican singer, known for his unique blend of Latin pop and rap, was a delight for the Austin crowd. His hits, including “Low key,” “Flaco,” and “Perdimos el control,” were a testament to his ability to bring a smile to the audience.

J Noa

The 18-year-old female rapper from the Dominican Republic maintains a unique and rapid flow through her set. In a beat filled with bass, she discusses the hardships of living in the ghetto. While depicting topics such as teen pregnancy, poverty, and hustle culture, she states during her set that she writes about what she knows. Despite her hardships, tracks such as “Betty,” “Spicy,” and “No Me Pueden Para” display how Jnoa has a bright future ahead.

Kevin Kaarl

With his acoustic guitar and soft, raspy vocals, the Mexican singer from Chihuahua has a pleasant, calm demeanor. In songs about love, the guitar and bass’s acoustics and an excellent trumpet solo bring complete harmony to the love birds in the audience. Tracks such as “Abrazado a Ti,” “Amor Viejo,” and “San Lucas” brought glee to the audience as they sang along with Kaarl. If one needs a romantic love song or a ballad of heartbreak in Spanish, Kevin Kaarl is the perfect artist to listen to.

Young Miko

Young Miko walked on the stage with a sense of swagger. The Colombian hip-hop artist brings a new wave of reggaeton as her deep voice presents the lyrics. The way she moved on stage and her confident presence excited the crowd. She played hits such as “Curita,” “CLASSY 101,” “Lisa,” and “Chulo pt.2.” With her icy blonde braids and deep bass beat, Young Miko became a symbol of the new wave of Latino rap.

Peso Pluma

Amid his controversy, Peso Pluma makes an electrifying comeback, headlining the Rolling Stone showcase. After fans waited for hours in long lines, the lights dimmed as soon as 10:50 p.m. hit, making all the anticipation worthwhile. The band walked on stage, and Peso Pluma appeared with his iconic black ski mask, singing his heart out. The set included newer releases such as “Peligro,” “QLONA,” and “Igual Que Un Angel,” along with songs from his album, GENISIS, such as “ZAPATA,” “LADY GAGA,” and “PRC.” With his iconic dance moves, smiles, and vocals, Pluma showed that he would continue making music despite the hate.

Mass Appeal’s Freaknik Showcase

Concluding the night at the very famous Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Mass Appeal and Hulu (co-produced by Freaknik Festival) worked together to bring Austin a star-studded lineup to take over the corner of 8th and Red River. The Freaknik showcase itself was made to promote the upcoming Hulu documentary, Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told, set to release on March 21, 2024. Performers included Flo Milli, Ying Yang Twins and Houston’s very own, Bun B. Running from 8PM to 2AM, this showcase was a big party that no one wanted to end. Even the rain couldn’t stop it!

Photo by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio.

What a day full of excitement as these spectacular artists took on the stage! This week continues as the festival picks up on its intensity!  Check out our live coverage page for the latest SXSW coverage!

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