“broken by you,” a New and Beautifully Haunted Single By Alexander Stewart

Written by on March 14, 2024

Alexander Stewart constantly stands out for his heart-wrenching lyrics and strong instrumentals. His vulnerability wins crowds over, as he sings about all that may come with love: happiness, heartbreak and everything in between. On March 8, 2024, the artist released “broken by you,” a brand new single about the bittersweet anticipation of departing from a loved one.

“broken by you” cover courtesy of Spotify.

Right from the start, Stewart paints the scene of a relationship on the cusp of breaking. He sings, “I keep starin’ at the bedroom door// Knowin’ you don’t wanna be here anymore.” In the background, a catchy piano melody takes lead while the beat builds. As the singer is coming to terms with the situation, the music gets even stronger.

The song continues with Stewart sharing his ache and longing for someone who is slipping away. As he confesses how deep his love truly is, the beat starts picking up before entering into the chorus. The chorus really hits both lyrically and musically, with deep-cut lyrics, strong vocals and higher tempo. It reveals that the song is not only a goodbye, but also once last plead to stay.

In the end, while Stewart knows how things will end, he isn’t dwelling on the pain and sorrow to come. He is choosing to reminisce in the relationship’s high points and remain happy to have had the journey of their love. “broken by you,” is another great single from Alexander Stewart and I would definitely recommend not only checking this song out, but the rest of the singer’s discography as well.

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