SXSW Music Festival Day Four: An International and Hip-Hop Takeover

Written by , on March 15, 2024

On March 14, 2024, South by Southwest entered into day four of the music festival. It was a great day full of performances from artists across the globe and great night for hip-hop showcases.

International Day Stage

The International Day Stage is a unique platform that brings together artists from across the globe, catering to all age groups. In an outdoor setting adorned with tents selling various drinks and merchandise, the stage provided the perfect backdrop for artists to create a captivating atmosphere.


Among the diverse lineup, I had the pleasure of witnessing the performance of Puerto Rican singer Bodine. Accompanied by her DJ, she delivered a mesmerizing show that blended belly dancing with enchanting vocals. Her song “Birrcando,” a playful ode to the derriere, and the heart-wrenching “Cenicero,” where her vocals truly shone, were the highlights of her performance. It was an unforgettable experience.


A band I was excited to see was Jazzbois due to my admiration for live jazz music. The three boys from Hungary kept it minimal, with only keys, drums, and bass, but they produced a wondrous sound of 21st-century jazz. With hits such as “Midnight Drop,” the funky bass line, intricate keys, and outstanding drums fully display their talents. They are a must-watch for jazz fans.

The Orchard Day Party

In taking a quick break in between amazing showcases, many artists, music representatives and festival goers, came to chill out and hang at Pelons Tex Mex on Red River Street. This day party hosted by one of the best music distribution companies, The Orchard, featured a live DJ, free merch and many awesome photo ops.

Photo by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio.

Rolling Stone Showcase 

On March 14, 2024, Austin City Limit’s Center hosted various African, and African-American hip-hop artist displaying multiple musical talents. The lineup included Flyana Boss, Black Sherif, Uncle Waffles and headliner Flo Milli, all with hip-hop-based influences. 

Flyana Boss

The iconic duo, consisting of best friends Barbie and Flyana, rocked their stage with confidence and flow. Their synchronized dancing, twerking, and sex-positive lyrics uplifted the crowd. As they rapped, they brought a cheerful vibe with hits such as “Mango Banana,” “Miss Me” and “Bitch I’m a Star.” Furthermore, they provided free merch, such as stickers and photo cards, which were cute. 

Black Sherif

The Ghana rapper brought intensity to the ground as he rapped along a thunderstorm soundboard. With fans raising Ghana flags, his flow and confidence radiated throughout his set. Alongside hits such as “ZERO,” “Fallen Angel” and “Oil in My Head,” Sherif symbolizes rising Afro-pop music. 

Uncle Waffles 

The southern African DJ from Swaziland provided a great set filled with dancing. She would dance along to the African rhythms, providing a fun mixture of music and dancing to her excellent DJ skills. She even had a hype man who would shout “Go Waffles” to the crowd. With hits such as “Peacock Revisit,” “Tanzania” and “Echoes,” Waffles created an act filled with dancing and electronic music.  

Flo Milli

After hours of anticipation, Flo Milli graced the stage at 10:55 pm in her cowboy boots, crop top, and booty shorts. The Alabama rapper performed hits both old and new, making her fans, the Flo Military, proud to hear hits such as “Roaring 20’s,” “Weak” and “Like That Bitch.” She even performed her song “Pussycat Doll” for the first time, which was a treat to fans of her album, Ho, why is you here? As her new album, Fine Ho Stay, dropped that night, fans could listen to the “Never Lose Me Remix” in honor of the new drop. Furthermore, Flo Milli ended the set by taking photos with everyone along the barricade, as she finished her performance with “In the Party.” 

Stomp Down

Down on 6th street from 8PM to 2AM, the Stomp Down showcase brought us back to our hometown roots, as the Houston-based music label showed out in Austin with an insane lineup. The night featured amazing performances from artists such as Maxo Kream, Stonecold Jzzle and surprise guests. Here are a few I had the chance to see:

Isaiah Rusk

Isaiah Rusk played earlier in the night to start things off on a high-note. The R&B singer’s great vocals and stage presence was sure to get the crowd hyped and exited for what was to come next.


The London-based singer, Chi, was up next to continue the party. The musician’s songs were a combination of rap on top of alt-electronic beats, a mix that I found super refreshing and not as common as other genres. One standout song was “WOOHOO!”. Overall, It was a great set that made you want to dance the night away.

Monaleo + Friends

Later on in the night, Houston-native, Monaleo, brought the house DOWN. As fans anticipated her set, the venue started to quickly fill. From the moment she stepped out, the energy just skyrocketed as her bright soul and hype music got the crowd dancing and yelling all the lyrics. Just as fans thought it couldn’t get better, the performer brought out special guest Flo Milli to perform their collaboration, “We not humping – Remix.” After the song, the two had a heartfelt moment with the crowd as they shared their mutual love for one another. This was definitely a set to remember.

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