The Heart of Texas Tour Takes Over Houston with Kate Stephenson and Catterina

Written by on April 29, 2024

Sunday Evening, Kate Stephenson and Catterina took over the White Oak Music Hall and gave a Texas-sized performance to a room full of Cowgirls and Cowboys.

Kate Stephenson, a singer-songwriter from Illinois, born in Florida, took the stage in a vintage prairie denim dress. Repping the best Texas Mascot in the form of a hat, Buccees, Stephenson revealed she recently moved to Austin, Texas. Though she is not from the Lone Star State, Kate was sure to make the room feel like a huge line-dancing show.

Her music was filled with boot stomps and embodied the image of Kate being a farm girl in her past life. The crowd loved every second of Kate’s set and never wanted it to end. Kate performed her most recent singles “Arizona,” “Texas Wide,” and “For the Daughter I’ll Never Have.”

Kate was sure to crack a ton of jokes and converse with the audience from time to time. Someone in the crowd even offered to buy Kate’s shoes from her, to which she decided to showcase them and take them off. Kate Stephenson was sure to leave her mark on the White Oak Stage as an artist whose music is sure to reach the entire state of Texas and beyond.

After Kate square danced her heart out on the stage, Catterina took the stage in a gorgeous ruffle lace dress with a big bow on the back. Catterina sang songs from her 2022 EP “Four Twenty One,” including “Baggage,” “Don’t Tell Me,” and “Same Conversation(I can’t tell you).”

Her amazing folk sound was sure to keep the crowd on their feet. She sang a rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and wore a Cowboy Straw Hat, to which she hoped did not give her “hat hair”. After an amazing set, Catterina walked off stage and then by surprise, came back to do one final song. It was safe to say the crowd was not expecting Taylor Swift to make an appearance and Catterina was sure to make it feel like Taylor was there, with her rendition of “Love Story” as her encore song.

After the show, Kate and Catterina came out to say Hello to everyone, take photos, and thank everyone for coming. These two cowgirls sure put on a dazzling show and I wouldn’t be surprised if “The Heart of Texas” tour gets bigger than just Texas soon. Kate and Catterina still have two stops left in their tour, one on May 14th in San Antonio and one on May 15th in Austin. Go stomp your boots and line-dance until your feet fall off!

Photo by Leila Castillo

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