APF Day Three: Austin Psych Fest Concludes on a High Note

Written by , on April 29, 2024

On April 28th, Texans gathered at the far-out lounge for the last day of the psych fest. Beneath the slight drizzling rain, high humidity, and heat, the last day brought numerous indie rock fans. Here is a list of the artists Coog Radio saw: 

Yellow Days 

At the Willie stage, the British band carried a tune of soft indie rock. As the male vocalist’s rasp echoed, the audience danced to the upbeat tune. An excellent highlight was a girl dressed as an old-school pilot, dancing across the stage to each tune. Her theatrical expressions and movements added a nice touch to hits such as “A Little While” and “Your Hand Holding Mine.” A must-watch for fans of indie pop.

Sweeping Promises

Sweeping Promises, a band that embodies the spirit of punk rock, took the stage with a powerful performance. The female vocalist’s flawless high notes and the guitarist’s impeccable rhythm made them an instant favorite. Their set on the Janis Stage was a testament to their resilience, as they thanked the crew for braving the morning storm and dedicated a song to the Palestine Protest. Their hits, like “Pain Without a Touch” and “Good Living is Coming For You,” are a must-listen and must-watch for any punk rock fan. 


The trio graces the Willie stage with a nice mixture of indie pop and rock. The low and husky voice of female vocalist, Emily Kemp, creates a unique presence in songs such as “Lucky” and “Bad Love.” Between a lovely guitar and bass line, the music maintains an upbeat energy throughout the set.


In only a thirty-five-minute set on the Janis Stage, Blondshell encapsulated her music perfectly. With her soft vocals about heartbreak, the artist had the audience on their toes. As the guitar and synth synchronize, the drums keep a steady tempo. From the barricade, I could see fans mouthing each word to the song, demonstrating her captivating presence. As she ended the set with the song “Salad,” she became one of my favorite sets. 

Kurt Vile and the Violators 

The country and blues rock group took over the Willie stage. Playing dreamy guitar and singing the blues for over an hour, the group maintained high energy throughout the set. Performing songs from the new album Back to the Moonthe group plays hits such as “Another Good Year for the Roses.” With a sea of beer on the stage, the group is a must-watch for country blues, rock, and folk music fans. 

Still Corner 

A mixture of dream pop and electronic, the group brought a lovely, calming presence to Janis’s stage. With soft vocals, wonderous keys, and smooth electric guitar, the crowd began to sway. They performed hits such as “Static” and “Black Lagoon,” bringing a dream-like state to the evening sky. It must listen for fans of dream pop and ethereal synths. Overall, it was an excellent performance before the headliner. 


The final headliner of the festival, the group did not come to disappoint. After stating how rough the journey to Austin was, they wanted to bring a wonderful show to the Willie Stage. With hits such as “After the Earthquake” and “Pharmacist,” the band performs with beautiful, colorful lights. The blue and green hues were my favorite of the show, with a majestic sound of soft rock vocals and airy guitar. An excellent way to close the festival and a must-listen for Indie rock fans. 

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