APF Day One: Austin Psych Fest Kicks Off at The Far Out Lounge

Written by , on April 27, 2024

On April 26th, 2024, Texans packed the far-out lounge to enjoy a day of indie psychedelic bands. Coog Radio had the opportunity to attend the festival on a sunny Friday and found a love for a wide range of bands. Here is the list of the groups we saw. 

No Vacation

After a long drive from Houston, we arrived midway to No Vacation’s set around 6:10 pm. They performed my favorite, “Yam Yam,” which brought a nice melodic feel to the Willie stage. Between the airy vocals, aggressive electric guitar and funky baseline, the music makes you feel like you are in a dream. At the end of the set, they performed “Dream Girl,” which provides an upbeat tempo and intense electric guitar solo. Overall, their performance was one of my favorites. 

Tropa Magica

At the small Janis stage, Tropa Magica left me in awe. With a blend of cumbia, psychedelic and punk, their fusion creates a warm and fun aura for the audience. The raspy vocals, striking drums and Peruvian guitar rifts made the crowd dance harmoniously. A tribute to cumbia culture, the band established various elements of the Spanish rhythms into their music. Hits such as “Price of Life,” “Feels Like Tijuana” and “Meme City” display their talents. They are a must-listen for fans of both indie rock and Spanish cumbia. 

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

As they walk onto the Willie stage, with the hum of an opera singer in the background, their demeanor brings joy. After the opera tape finished, they played alt-rock, punk and psychedelic. The vocals echoed across the long field as the fast-paced guitar radiated off the speaker. A mosh pit formed due to the intensity of songs such as “Nootmare (K.I.L.L.I.N.G) [Meow!],” “Acid Dent” and “Found God in a Tomato.” Unlike any other band, the Australian band brought fast-paced rock with a bright demeanor that I enjoyed. 

Levitation Room

Back on the Janis stage, Levitation Room created a peaceful aura with hits such as “Friends,” “Loved” and “Strangers of Our Time.” The Los Angeles-based group draws inspiration from the psychedelic rock of the 1960s to the present day. Calm vocals, slow guitars and soft drums brought a relaxed energy throughout the whole set. Maintaining the theme of psych fest, their use of distorted guitars intensified their musical talents. A must-watch for fans of old-school rock and roll. 

Chicano Batman

Chicano Batman enters the Willie stage with a bright smile in a wave of bright purple lights. With a bright energy, he performs hits such as “Freedom is Free,” “La Jura” and “Corazon De Roca.” The instrumentals bring a nice mixture of Latin rock and indie influence to the stage. Accompanied by high-pitched vocals, the stage is filled with pure bliss every time Chicano Batman graces with his dance moves. An overall must-watch for fans of classic indie Latin rock. 

Lido Pimienta

The Canadian-Colombian singer amplifies the Janis stage with her music, filled with techno beats and Latin influence. As she sings softly in Spanish, she embraces her Afro-Indigenous roots with music that makes the crowd dance. Hints of modern R&B are present in songs such as “Nada” and “Te Queria,” along with afro beats in songs such as “Grietas.” Overall, Lido Pimienta brings a variety of cultures into a beautiful and danceable blend. It is a must-watch for fans of Afrobeats and Latinx R&B.

Courtney Barnett

The Australian singer hit the Willie stage at 10:50 pm. Her vocals echoed across the field as she strummed her majestic electric guitar, performing a variety of hits such as “Avant Gardener,” “Depreston” and “Write A List of Things To Look Forward To.” Her talents bring the art of indie rock to Austin as she creates the perfect mixture of blues and indie alternative, especially in the song “Before You Gotta Go.” Overall, she was an excellent headliner for the event, ending her set at midnight. 

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