Waterparks’ Sold Out Hometown Show at House of Blues Houston

Written by , on April 2, 2024

Waterparks performed to a sold out crowd in their hometown at the House of Blues Houston on Saturday, March 30, 2024. Pollyanna and Loveless opened for the Houston natives.

Pollyanna’s lead singer, Jill Beckett, engaged the crowd and had an incredible stage presence. They played a few of their songs including “Relationship Anxiety” and “SLUT.” They also played a rock edition of Lady Gaga’s song “Judas.” Pollyanna’s energy set the tone for the rest of the infectious night. Beckett crowd surfed alongside fans toward the end of Waterparks’ set. It was so fun to see the artists having such a great time.

Loveless followed shortly after with prominent bass lines and incredible harmonies. Their guitar player Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail is so talented and enables their songs to have a very guitar heavy sound. They played songs such as “Hope I’m not Sick,” “If You Had a Voodoo Doll” and an unreleased song titled “I Love it When it Rains.”

As soon as Waterparks took the stage, the crowd’s energy was electric and flooded through the room. Crowd surfing went on all night and the security did such an incredible job at grabbing people and ensuring that they made it out of the pit safely. Awsten Knight, the lead singer, engaged with the crowd and talked several times of how they used to “hand out burned cds” outside of the House of Blues when they were first starting out as a band. This night was so special to the band to sell out a venue they used to promote outside of and it was such a cool experience to be a part of. They really gave it their all, as the band had family members watching in the crowd.

They played a variety of songs from their studio albums including “Blonde” from their album, Entertainment and “SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN” from their latest album, Intellectual Property. They also played three songs on piano, one being “High Definition” from their album “FANDOM” towards the middle of the show to switch up the mood.

The band played three songs during their encore including the song “Numb” from their album “Greatest Hits.” Overall, Pollyanna, Loveless and Waterparks put on such an incredible show in the sold out House of Blues.

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