Amaarae’s Stellar Performance at White Oak Music Hall

Written by on April 3, 2024

On Saturday, March 30th, 2024, Amaarae took the stage at White Oak Music Hall for her Fountain Baby tour, and fans eagerly anticipated her performance.

Photo by Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Kicking off the evening, DJ Jino Spinz energized the audience with a vibrant blend of popular songs from Afrobeats to Hip-hop, setting the stage for the night’s opening act. Spinz enthusiastically introduced Blaqbonez to the stage as the artist delivered a spirited performance of his track “ROAD RUNNERS.” Blaqbonez rallied the crowd, asking if they were prepared to party, and upon receiving an enthusiastic affirmation, seamlessly continued his performance.

Blaqbonez is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter with diverse, bold lyrics and a charismatic stage presence. Infusing his performances with infectious energy, he showcases his sharp wordplay and versatile flow while actively engaging with the audience. He conveyed that it marked his debut performance in Houston and promised to return, with his goal being able to perform at Toyota Center. Standout songs from his performance are “Commander,” “NO SLEEP $$$” and “BACK IN UNI.” Concluding his set with the track “LIKE ICE SPICE,” he exited the stage to a resounding round of applause, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next performer.

Photo by Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Amaarae made a grand entrance as “All My Love” boomed, donning an eye-catching red outfit. She launched into fan favorite “Angels in Tibet,” the crowd singing along fervently. Backed by a live band, the performance atmosphere became elevated, allowing the music’s essence to resonate truly. As the last notes of “Disguise” faded, Amaarae basked in the thunderous cheers and palpable energy radiating from the massive crowd before addressing her adoring fans.

Houston, welcome to the Fountain Baby tour. Tonight, Houston, we are wild. We are sexy. We are free!


Amaarae is a genre-bending Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter born in the Bronx and raised in Ghana. Her music blends African and Western influences in an innovative, boundary-pushing style with her fusion of Afropop, neo-soul, R&B and alt-rock. She has emerged as one of the most exciting new voices in the alternative African music scene. Her captivating sounds, striking visuals, and blending of cultures make her a true original.

As the night continued, many in the crowd enjoyed themselves, creating groups that encouraged each other and dancing to the beat while singing the lyrics out loud. Amaarae has a phenomenal stage presence, getting the crowd fully engaged. During “FANCY,” she got everyone to sing the song’s chorus. Standout songs from her performance are “Angels in Tibet,” “Princess Going Digital,” and “Reckless & Sweet.”  She ended her primary performance with the song “Come Home To God,” many assumed it was the end of her performance. 

The crowd repeatedly yelled, “One more song!” as the venue’s lights had not turned on, indicating it was not the end. Soon, the sound of “Princess Going Digital” could be heard as Amaarae took the stage and performed the song for the second time. Afterward, she welcomed Blaqbonez on the stage as they both performed the song “Bling,” and with an enthusiastic ovation, the performance came to an end.

Photo by Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Overall, it was a spectacular night at White Oak Music Hall! Be sure to check out these fantastic artists! Are you looking for the latest live coverage? Check out our page, which is dedicated to the coverage of various artists from various genres.

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