Indigo De Souza Gracefully Plays White Oak Music Hall

Written by on April 4, 2024

On Friday, March 29th, Indigo de Souza and opener Humbird played the White Oak Stage with a relaxing show.

As the sun set on that cloudy spring evening, the atmosphere at the venue was electric with anticipation. Indie fans, eager for the show to begin, filled the space. The three merch tables added to the buzz, each offering a unique piece of merch. There was one table selling posters and clothing in support of Palestine, another for Humbird and the third for Indigo fans. The variety of options, from t-shirts to posters and CDs, was a testament to the diverse appeal of the performers.

At exactly 8:00 pm, the stage was set for Humbird. The Minneapolis, Minnesota band, known for their country rock instrumentals, did not disappoint. They played songs such as “Cornfield and Roadkill” to honor their Midwestern roots, and “Plum Sky,” an ode to the Midwestern sunset, was a personal favorite. Their new song, “Right On,” showcased their versatility with its upbeat guitar and rock attributes.

Photo by Isha Merchant for Coog Radio

The lead singer explains their love for Texas and Texans’ admiration for singer-songwriters. After a 20-hour drive to the venue, streaming the new Beyonce album, the singers thanked the audience and Indigo for letting them open the tour. During the song “Child of Violence,” The bass player and drummer brought their talent to the stage, bringing country blues energy. They concluded their set with “Songs for the Seeds” as a prayer to those experiencing violence in Gaza. 

Photo by Isha Merchant for Coog Radio

It was 9:15 when Indigo walked onto the stage. In her mellow voice, she sang an unreleased song titled “Be My Love.” The crowd excitedly listened to Souza’s amazing vocals in an array of bright purple and orange lights. The next part of the set had flashing bright blue lights and an amazing electric guitar by Souza, with songs such as “All of This Will End,” “Wasting Your Time” and “Bad Dream.” 

Photo by Isha Merchant for Coog Radio

In the middle of the set, she explains how the songs were about being angry about a past relationship. While she no longer holds a grudge against the person, the anger she felt at the time radiates. As she sang hits such as “Smog,” “Always” and “You Can Be Mean,” the pit danced and yelled endlessly. The raspy guitar and drums bloom through the flashing lights, highlighting the angst in her 2023 album All of This Will End

Photo by Isha Merchant for Coog Radio

The last part of the set slowed down the intense energy. After singing another round of unreleased songs, she displays her angel-like vocal in the song “Not My Body,” showcasing her vulnerability. Souza brings compassion to all her music, explaining how she plays what she wants when she wants, omitting her most popular songs. She ends the set with her two audience favorites, “Younger and Dumber” and “Kill Me,” concluding the show on a high note. 

Overall, the show and the merchandise were so beautifully set up. Both bands’ emotional songs brought a relaxed ambiance to White Oak Music Hall. Listen to Humbird and Indigo de Souza if you enjoy vulnerable indie rock music. 

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