A Night of Latin Rock at The Fountains Pub

Written by on June 3, 2024

Los Inmortales by Leila Castillo

Saturday Night, May 25th, The Fountains Pub hosted an electrifying show, celebrating the vibrant sounds of Latin rock. Headlined by Los Inmortales, who delivered a stunning tribute to Héroes del Silencio, the event was a spectacular gathering of bar regulars, die-hard Latin rock fans, and even curious passersby who were drawn in by the pulsating rhythms. The tribute band consists of 6 members. The lead singer Ivan Oropeza, Ivan Cortez (rhythmic guitar), Randall (Lead Guitar), Javier Castillo (rhythmic guitar) and Jorge Rock (Bass). Their performance was electric, capturing the essence of the original band’s sound and spirit.

The atmosphere was a melting pot of bar regulars, dedicated Latin rock fans, and curious newcomers. Even passing cars on the nearby freeway were able to catch glimpses of the lively scene through the pub’s open-air stage.

As Los Inmortales began their set, the lead vocalist, Ivan Oropeza, sang a powerful rendition of “Avalanche” and “La Sirena Varada” to which both songs had the audience singing along. The tribute band’s authenticity and passion were evident, making it clear why Héroes del Silencio has such an enduring legacy.

As the night went on the band managed to captivate the audience and the crowd’s enthusiasm showed the growing appreciation for Latin rock in the American music scene. For Los Inmortales, it was a privilege for them as The Fountains Pub experienced a breakthrough last night as it expanded its musical range beyond its usual musical language.

Overall, the tribute show at The Fountains Pub was a resounding success. It not only honored the legends of Latin rock but also introduced a new wave of fans to the genre. With such a warm reception, it’s clear that Latin rock has found a new home in more parts of Houston, promising more exciting performances in the future.

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