T-Pain Sells Out 713 Music Hall on First Stop of the ‘Mansion in Wiscansin’ Tour

Written by on June 4, 2024

On Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, guests from all over the Houston area sold out the 713 Music Hall for the legendary singer, songwriter and record producer T-Pain and his crew. Every available seat and space was occupied as everyone eagerly awaited the start of the Wiscansin Tour.

Young Cash and DJ Slick

DJ SLICK305 fired up the crowd with popular songs like “Swag Surfin’” and “Gasolina” between sets. The audience enthusiastically sang and danced along before the DJ introduced the first artist of the night, Young Cash, rapper producer and CEO of Winsquad Entertainment. Holding a red solo cup, the rapper played some of his hits including “I’m so Tired” and “In & Out” from his latest album The Bluez Brothaz. He brought out several members of his team who threw Mardi Gras necklaces into the crowd and raised their red solo cups in a toast from “Florida to H-town.”

Nando STL

NandoSTL, a rapper from St. Louis, changed the atmosphere with a soulful sound and hype crew, eliciting roars and pure energy from the audience. He showcased versatility with performances of “On Errthang” “Tryin’” and “Weakdays“. As fans sang along, the rapper concluded his set with an invitation to an afterparty.


LaRussell put on the most memorable performance of the three openers with his constant interaction with the crowd. Two lucky fans were invited on stage to sing their favorite hits like “Blockchain,” “Grinding” and “Again” before the rapper himself jumped into the crowd, dancing and singing along with his fans. The artist even allowed fans to pick which songs he performed in his set, giving a truly unique experience. The crowd went wild as Paul Wall, Bun B and Trae tha Truth each did a surprise performance. LaRussell closed out with “Nah” before he joined the crowd one last time.


Are y’all ready to step into my house party? This isn’t a normal house, this is like a somewhat crazy Diddy house… Well maybe not THAT crazy. On the scale from 1 to Diddy, we might be at a 1.


As the lights went down, a sparkling mansion appeared on the screen. T-Pain walked out from its golden doors, wearing a colorful ringleader outfit complete with a top hat. The crowd roared as the singer played a medley of his greatest hits, including “Buy U a Drank,” “I’m Sprung,” “Up Down (Do This All Day)” and many more.

Each era of T-Pain’s discography was on display and accompanied by visuals of different mansions, light shows, and T-Pain’s iconic moves. The audience was full of nostalgia as the singer played his early 2000s hits such as “Bartender,” and “I’m N Luv (With a Stripper)” before showcasing tracks from his latest cover album On Top of The Covers. The producer also performed with Young Cash as their duo group, Bluez Brothaz.

One bill collector once said ‘I thought you was supposed to be the rich and famous T-Pain?’ Yeah, I thought so to.


T-Pain took a moment to share his personal hardships with the crowd, The producer told a story about the dark times in his life, when he was dealing with depression and financial issues. The artist discussed constantly having to deal with bill collectors. He credits his turnaround of life to God, and the help of his family. After his candid expression, T-Pain closed the Wiscansin Mansion doors with “All I Do Is Win,” as his whole crew joined him on stage, followed by an encore heartfelt performance of “On This Hill.”

Opening night of the Wiscansin Tour was a huge hit. Grab your tickets here before they sell out! Also, check out Coog Radio’s coverage of T-Pain’s set from the Two Step Inn Festival back in 2023.

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