Teezo Touchdown creates an unforgettable night in Houston

Written by on June 6, 2024

Beaumont’s own Teezo Touchdown stopped by the House of Blues Houston for his first headlining tour with supporting acts Annabelle Kline and Monaleo

Teezo Touchdown boomed into the music scene with his unique sound and a highlight feature on  ‘“RUNITUP” with  Tyler, The Creator in 2021. After that, he got multiple co-signs from artists like Don Toliver, Travis Scott and Drake. Finally, in 2023 Touchdown released his genre-bending debut album How Do You Sleep at Night? 

This show was like no other. It began with a music video countdown kind of feel segment called  Touchdown Live hosted by Annabelle Kline and Jacob Ford. They played Teezo Touchdown trivia with fans and showed off music videos of smaller local artists. This was something that kept the crowd entertained while hundreds of fans were making their way to the sold-out show.

Photos of Annabelle Kline by Leydi Gonzalez.

The first opening act was Annabelle Kline who is a music curator, talent manager and now DJ. She is known for highlighting smaller artists and her great musical taste. She began the night with songs to hype up the crowd with tracks like  “White Crocs,” “OKAY” and “Get it Sexyy.” Kline warmed up the Houston fans for more surprises to come!

Next on stage was Houston’s own Monaleo. Known for her pretty girl raps and cutthroat lyrics Monaleo is always shown a warm welcome when in her city. She stepped out with a full pink lace body suit and bedazzled headphones. She performed some of her most popular tracks like “We Not Humpin,” “Suck It Up” and her newest single “Ranchero.. Monaleo is a force to be wrecked within the space of rap, and as a Houston native, the crowd showed her mad love. 

Photos of Monaleo by Leydi Gonzalez

Finally, the rockstar of the night Teezo Touchdown made his way to his almost hometown show. Coming from Beaumont Touchdown expressed his gratitude towards Houston as he often shot music videos, recorded and performed out here. Although this was the Spend the Night Tour that highlights his debut album Touchdown took us through his musical journey with his setlist. 

Photos of Teezo Touchdown by Leydi Gonzalez.

He started with songs from his 2020 era like “Careful,” “Strong Friend” and “SUCKA!” with Fred Flippstone as a surprise guest. As well as  “Technically” which says “The girls in Houston are all tens,” he said he’s been waiting all tour to sing that in Houston.  His iconic flower microphone had petals falling to the floor as he bounced all around the stage. In between the songs Touchdown would interact with the crowd and give a great transition between songs, every song on the setlist was intentional. Now he went into his debut album How Do You Sleep At Night? Along with a costume change that fits the album aesthetic, he performed fan favorites “UUHH,” “Sweet” and brought out Isaiah Rusk to perform “I Don’t Think U C Me.” 

Photos of Teezo Touchdown by Leydi Gonzalez
Then he went through his most notable features like “RUNITUP”, “MODERN JAM” ” and “7969 Santa”. With the final outfit changing into a hoodie that said “Third Coast” Touchdown wrapped his show with performing songs from his deluxe pack How Do You Sleep At Night? With You. Songs like “Up And Down”,“Out of Respect” and “Third Coast” had the crowd singing every single word with him. Teezo Touchdown is a star that continues to shine bright, his unique sound and approach to music is refreshing. This is a must-see show if you want to see a true performer!

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