Author: Corey Sherrard

Grandmilly & Shozae are two New York artists, a rapper/producer combination, that are currently on the rise. Having released a plethora of tapes, the latest being two from the month of October, their gritty, unforgiving material has reached the ears of sites such as Mass Appeal & Tiny Mixtapes. If you love raw New York […]

  To keep it simple, Jon Bap’s “Yesterday’s Homily” is a modern jazz fantasia. With avant garde qualities in which the voice and instrumentation work together beautifully, the album presents itself to be something of a breath of fresh air in a territory most artists wouldn’t take the risk of treading. The artist, Jon Bap, […]

8.0/10.0 Authors Recording Company’s first signed artist, Danny Watts, has just released his debut album, Black Boy Meets World. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Danny Watts is an artist from the beautiful city of Houston, TX. He is well-known for his lyrical ability & introspective content. Carrying a deep, heavy tone that […]

Last week saw 16th anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack (& the release of Jay Z’s The Blueprint). Although, it is also the 10th Anniversary of Kanye West’s third major label studio album, Graduation. While many would dub My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as his greatest album (hands down), Graduation captures an atmosphere within it’s near-hour long […]

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