Author: Russel Gardin

Carlie Hanson. Credit: Jaxon Dobbins For most people looking back at being 18 is like looking at a younger, though very similar, version of ourselves. We were just getting out of high school and working on getting into colleges, likely still at our parent’s homes. The story is a bit different for musician Carlie Hanson. But […]

It was 1967 and the infamously eccentric Andy Warhol had claimed to have given up painting to devote his time towards a career in film and music (though he would later resume art before ultimately delving into photography). He dominated the American “pop art” movement and was notorious for being a person unlike anyone else. […]

Nine Inch Nails is currently on tour, and that’s all I can think about, really. This run of shows is part of the Cold and Infinite and Black tour that started a few weeks back and ends with a near week-long residency in Los Angeles in December (all of those shows already sold out, I […]

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