The history of rock and roll has seen many dark tragedies, both in the form of untimely deaths of important figures and in the form of neglect and disregard for musicians who’ve made significant contributions to the genre. Despite the impact these musicians had on the genre, they often go unrecognized or receive little credit […]

In 1969, psychedelic folk musician Jim Sullivan released U.F.O., his first album. Six years later, in 1975, he disappeared into the desert outside of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, never to be seen again. U.F.O. is an easy listen. It feels like driving your grandfather’s baby-blue Ford pickup out of town, into the scrubland until you […]

The Black Lips, a punk garage rock band formed in Georgia and going strong since 1999, will be performing in Austin Texas at FFFF. The Black Lips think of themselves as entertainers more than musicians. Cole Alexander, singer and guitarist for the Black Lips, will gladly get a crowd dirty for shock value. In the […]

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