OK, who wants some tea? Recently, I’ve been pining over someone. However, I’ve yet to make a move because I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship. I’m fine with the whole intimacy part, but the looming “this can end at any moment” thing doesn’t sound fun. So naturally, I made a playlist of […]

Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo is coming back to Austin for this year’s ACL festival and you don’t want to miss it. The “Cool Girl” singer has been on tour for her latest album Lady Wood, which is packed with fun, provocative songs.

Formed in 2010 by Will Toledo, Car Seat Headrest started off as a small indie venture by the Virginian native. Cranking out album after album, Toledo soon grew to internet fame through Bandcamp and even had a run-in with the music boards of 4chan. Toledo captured the lo-fi sound while writing melancholic, introspective lyrics, and […]

In the age of the Internet, you don’t need a record label or a TV network to reach a loyal fanbase. These days “millennials” have YouTube, Soundcloud, and other various “user uploaded content” sites. With this freedom comes various hits and misses in the quality of the posted content. However, when things get good, they […]

Brother and sister combos have proved to be successful music ventures in the past and recent history. Families have been producing music for as long as music has existed. The Jackson 5 are only one example of musical success, more recently there has also been Echosmith. Another addition to the family vibe is the band […]

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