How to Prepare for a Breakup: A Cynic’s Playlist

Written by on March 20, 2024

OK, who wants some tea? Recently, I’ve been pining over someone. However, I’ve yet to make a move because I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship. I’m fine with the whole intimacy part, but the looming “this can end at any moment” thing doesn’t sound fun. So naturally, I made a playlist of all the toxic, f-you songs in my library to prepare myself.

“Family Tree” – Kenny Beats

We’re coming in hot with this one. Hearing slowthai curse out everyone in their family just feels right. I’m sure they are nice people, but I’m not rocking with them if my heart gets broken. Plus, I think Kanye was channeling this song in his recent post.

“BEESWAX” – easy life

BEESWAX is the perfect flex song. It’s fun and cocky and puts you in a “I’m better than you” mindset that is needed to get over someone.

“Automate” – Snail Mail

At this point, we’re in the sad song section because tears are a normal part of life. This one is about trying to find yourself after a breakup. Sometimes, it’s easier to feel nothing than to deal with pain. I choke up to this song, regardless of the circumstances.

“I Keep” (ft. Tove Lo) – BROODS

Honestly, I could put the entire Space Island album in this playlist. It’s about lead vocalist, Georgia Nott, healing after her divorce. I added this song because it’s about wanting something knowing it’s bad for you—the definition of toxic.

“Weaker Girl” – BANKS

Now we’re picking ourselves up. It’s Women’s History Month, so I had to do one for the girls. Know your worth. When you hear this, scream, “Imma need a bad mf-er like me”, why settle for less?

“wyd” – Remi Wolf

Ending this with a groovy bop, we’re dancing away the pain. We’re starting this next chapter of our lives without worrying about what other people think about us. It’s healthy to focus on yourself and do what brings you joy.

Going through the expected emotions helps my nerves a bit. Now that I’ve imagined an end, I think I’m ready to begin. Let’s hope I won’t need to use this playlist for a very long time.

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