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Written by on March 21, 2024

Photo by Katia Temkin, courtesy of Instagram.

The Queen of Pop is back. After a five-year music hiatus, Ariana Grande is back with her new album Eternal Sunshine.

On March 8, 2024, Ariana Grande made her return to the music industry with her seventh studio album. A thirteen-track album, to which Billboard has described as “an intensely personal reflection on her divorce from Dalton Gomez, the persepctive-shifting changes of her Saturn Return and the messiness of memory”.

Ariana’s introduction track, “intro (end of the world),” demonstrates her straightforward approach to lyrics, asking her audience “How can I tell If I’m in the right relationship?”. She states how hard she falls for people and how she isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Moving on to “bye,” the vibe shifts to a jazzy pop sound, reminiscent of her Positions era mixed with elements of Sweetener. It has hints of a little NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye.” Ariana claims she is moving through her fears and this infectious track is her “taking what is hers.” She says she is stronger than she thinks, and note to all women, it’s true. This track is filled with celestial sounds, captivating vocals, and the addition of trumpets. “don’t wanna break up again,” sheds light on Ariana’s past relationships, with poignant lyrics like “I’m too much for you,” “it’s breaking my heart to keep breaking yours again” and “this situationship has to end.” This album is one I think Ariana is using to close old doors and open new ones.

The title track, “eternal sunshine,” is all about Ariana reclaiming her strength. She sings about change, life, death and forgiveness, reflecting on her past relationships and how she’s moved forward to find someone she considers her “eternal sunshine.”

The track, “supernatural,” captures the feeling of having a desire to be deeply connected to someone, with 80’s pop vibes and powerful vocals. With key lyrics like “need your hands all up on my body like the moon needs the stars.” In “the boy is mine,” Ariana brings a feisty energy with R&B vibes and a strong rap beat, discussing desire and need. Including lyrics like “Something about him is made for somebody like me” and “i can’t wait to try him” ; “the stars they align.” The album thus far has many astrological references, as its known Ariana doesn’t shy away from astrology and tarot. In an interview with Billboard, Ariana said “I do these every day,” Grande proclaims while holding up the tarot cards. “Everyone comes in and out of my tent [on the set of Wicked], I do everyone’s cards for them.” (Billboard, 2023)

“we can’t be friends (wait for your love)” is a mellower track that delves into themes of feeling misunderstood and the difficulty of maintaining a friendship when romantic feelings are present. Similarly, “i wish i hated you” explores this sentiment, as Ariana expresses guilt over her inability to keep hatred towards someone despite wishing for it. The song conveys a longing for a more straightforward emotional response.

Track seven, “true story,” emerges as a heartfelt ballad, characterized by powerful vocals and introspective lyrics such as “I play the villain if you need me to.” The deep bass adds a mysterious quality, reminiscent of 80’s rock but infused with a contemporary beat. Track twelve, “imperfect for you,” reflects on a fractured relationship, with Ariana acknowledging her imperfections and expressing relief that the relationship ended. The phrase “Making bad stuff delightful” sums up the main idea of finding something good in tough situations. These tracks collectively explore the complexities of love, friendship, and self-awareness with emotional depth and musical details.

Photo by Katia Temkin, courtesy of Instagram.

The album concludes with the song “ordinary things (feat. Nonna)” where Ariana’s grandmother shares advice on recognizing the right relationship. She states “Never go to bed without kissing him goodnight. And if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you’re in the wrong place.” This track, featuring her supportive grandmother, Nonna, marks the end of the album. Nonna, who has been a significant figure in Ariana’s career and beloved by her fans, adds depth to the song. One of the lyrics, “You hit like the first sip of wine after a long day,” expresses Ariana’s contentment with sharing simple moments with her partner.

Photos by Katia Temkin, courtesy of Instagram.

If this album could talk, I am extremely positive it would be a spiritual tarot reader ready to read you all your fears away and help guide you to your true self. This album is a must listen wether you know Ariana’s music or not. Let her take you into a spaceship through the universe and back while playing this album, its worth it.

Stream the album here – eternal sunshine by ariana grande

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