OK, who wants some tea? Recently, I’ve been pining over someone. However, I’ve yet to make a move because I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship. I’m fine with the whole intimacy part, but the looming “this can end at any moment” thing doesn’t sound fun. So naturally, I made a playlist of […] Known for his songs “Talk is Cheap” and “1998”,  Australian native Nick Murphy, also known as Chet Faker, set the internet in a frenzy back in 2011 with his electronic, slightly more lazy version of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. His unique take on music quickly caught people’s attention and within a year he released his debut EP Thinking […]

Like her website URL proclaims, her name is Banks. Known for the moodiness of her alternative R&B songs and her “mysterious” and intense persona, Banks (sometimes stylized as BANKS) has been lauded as the “next big thing” from the start of her career. Jillian Rose Banks grew up in Los Angeles and taught herself piano […]

After last year’s festival, which was the first, it seemed almost impossible to top the inaugural lineup which included names like New Order, who hadn’t performed in the city for twenty years, or Death Grips who are notorious flakes when it comes to highly anticipated appearances. However, the guys at Day for Night have managed […]

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