Look Up Child, the second studio album by Lauren Daigle, snatches listeners to their feet, quiets theirs doubts, reinforces positive narratives of faith and simultaneously challenges obsolete views of spirituality using powerful lyrics and music infused with island, jazz, and classical sounds. Daigle flows from anthems to hymns smoothly like thread through the eye of […]

Calling all Christian music fans, get ready to fall in love. Introducing, As The Hart, a Christian contemporary rock band from Nacogdoches, Texas. The goal of their project is to glorify God, with music that “flows from the heart and soul.”

There was way more than a new movie showcased to the world last night. 50 Shades of Grey also paved the way to new hits from Sia, Ellie Golding, AWOLNATION, The Weeknd, and more. The movie also called for remakes of songs such as “Crazy in Love” and “I Put a Spell on You”. There’s […]

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