Two days after the release of his third album, Sloan Struble, frequently known as Dayglow, hit the road along with Ritt Momney to begin the People In Motion tour. The tour began in October, 2022 and will end in early December with thirty-four shows across North America. On Saturday, October 29, 2022, The performer brought […] Charged with sensuous prose, a bluesy grit, and a psychedelic soundscape, L.A. band, The Doors will forever be known as one of the most revolutionary rock n’ roll bands of the late sixties. 

  “Last time I was in Houston, there were about 500 of you… now there’s about 1700.” These words, spoken by Logic in the middle of his set, display a man finally making a name for himself in the city of Houston. I have always been a fan of Logic, but this concert served as a […]

Editor’s note: this review was written by Nick Page back in May. I had never been to Rudyard’s before but I had suddenly found myself there for two consecutive nights enjoying Canadian bands that deserve the space of a stadium but were given a loft. Not that I am complaining, I prefer a more intimate […]

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