Coog Radio’s Third Birthday

Soundwaves rumbled through Stereo Live’s dancefloor, as Houston set the scene for Walker & Royce to wrap up their “Just What The World Needs” tour. Producer/DJ duo Sam Walker & Gavin Royce took us on a ride as they finished the day’s event. While a member being quarantined, Mr. Walker took a leave of absence […]

I knew. Ever since I found Rhythm and Poetry on Reddit under the heading of “I’m a Houston rapper who just released his first mix tape”, I knew. As soon as I heard the Henry Rollins sample, I knew. When I heard his choice of beats (Atmosphere being among them), I knew.  When I heard […]

I just had to, and I have a feeling like tonight is gonna be a night to remember *cough* birthday party *cough*. Please note that the birthday party has been moved to the Houston Room.

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