On October 15, 2022 synth-pop new wave band Glove opened the American Express stage at Austin City Limits Music Festival with a stellar performance. The group exhibits 80’s nostalgia with a twist of post-punk electronic and consists of four members: Brie Denicourt, Rod Woolf, Michelle Primiani and Justin Burns.  Below is the transcribed conversation held […]

Last Friday, at White Oak Music Hall, I had the opportunity to see Death Grips and Ministry perform. Prior to the show I had never really listened to Ministry. The few songs I heard had the same industrial/EBM feel that Death Grips is known for in their production. I assumed that there would be some […]

Iā€™m normally not a fan of politics in music. Sure, music is a form of expression and can often times be used to rally people together, but for me, the complexities of a political issue go overlooked in a simple pop song and suddenly a cause you once stood for becomes a marketing campaign and […]

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