HOMECOMING documents Beyoncé’s iconic and historical Coachella performance and demonstrates the blood, sweat, and tears put into generating a visually and auditory breathtaking production. The documentary written, created, and produced by Beyoncé herself is not simply about her performance, but a commemoration of the eight months of challenging work it took for her, as well […]

On Sunday April 23, 2016, Beyonce released Lemonade, a ground breaking album that took the whole world off guard. Not only did it break barriers set for women, especially in the music/entertainment industry, it also shed light on the emotional chains of abuse, neglect, and pain that colored women had been silently bearing for generations. The hour-long […]

http://gty.im/635009436 The 59th annual Grammy Awards ceremony took place Sunday night in Los Angeles. The show, hosted by James Corden, lasted nearly four hours and was jam-packed with appearances by Jennifer Lopez, Solange Knowles and Taraji P. Henson as well as tributes to the Bee Gees, George Michael and Prince. Check out some of the ceremony’s […]

http://gty.im/597610200 The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards took place Sunday night in New York City.

http://gty.im/543233122 The Television Academy announced this year’s nominees in a ceremony July 14.

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