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Friday was a long night. My partner in crime and I were greeted with a fully sold-out show at White Oak Music Hall, full of young couples yearning for an intimate journey that sourly reeked, reminiscent of a high school dance. After arriving a tad bit late to what soon unveiled itself as the tamest […]

Men I Trust is a Montreal based trio which has created a distinctive style that is more recognizable than any specific songs that they have released. The group’s early dance roots evolved into a psychedelic venture with electronic R&B instrumentation. This in itself created such a large audience and spread like wildfire via the Internet. However, […]

There’s only one end of the year wrap up post you need in your life. This is it! Continue reading for the top songs, albums, and artists of 2018 according to Coog Radio. Top Songs of 2018  Start by listening to the Coog Radio End of Year Wrap playlist. Let the sounds of artists such […]

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