Our Canadian Friends, Men I Trust, Make Their Way Down To Texas!

Written by on September 22, 2021

Men I Trust is a Montreal based trio which has created a distinctive style that is more recognizable than any specific songs that they have released. The group’s early dance roots evolved into a psychedelic venture with electronic R&B instrumentation. This in itself created such a large audience and spread like wildfire via the Internet. However, Men I Trust still had more in store for us in the upcoming years. 

The band consists of three equally imperative members. Firstly, we have bassist Jessy Caron and keyboardist Dragos Chiriac, the founders of the group. After graduating from the same college, the two united to create Men I Trust. Their early work has strong electronic roots. For example, take a look at the track “Endless Strive” off of their self-titled debut. The heavy bass on one/three and snappy snares on two/four makes this a distinctive dance track.

After the releases of Men I Trust and Headroom in 2014-2015, the two added singer Emmanuelle Proulx fulltime in 2016, who quickly became the face of the group. Caron and Chiriacs’ jazzy, existential instrumental lines, combined with Proulx’s soft, angelic voice, creates a beautiful sound. Since then, the three have created warm synth pop tracks that evoke a dream-like feeling.

In 2019, the trio released their album, Oncle Jazz, which soon became their most popular. The album included some of their biggest hits, such as “Show Me How” and “Tailwhip.” Oncle Jazz is certainly lengthier than their previous albums, a little over an hour long, but its borderless tracks makes it easy to lose track of time. They were able to market this with equally psychedelic music videos, helping create a larger fanbase. The group became quite well-known on platforms like YouTube due to their melancholic videos. Check out the music video to “Show Me How” linked below.

Men I Trust released their newest album, Untourable Album on August 25th and announced their tour a few weeks later. Fortunately, they will be performing in Houston on Oct. 22, at White Oak Music Hall. Get your tickets here!


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