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Disguised as adult contemporary, better defined as sophisti-pop, The Blue Nile’s Hats is a synth-infused testament to hopeless romanticism and late night rides through the city in the back of taxicabs. Lushly and meticulously produced, each song is exactly what it needs to be. This is the kind of desperate heartache you can only find […]

Men I Trust is a Montreal based trio which has created a distinctive style that is more recognizable than any specific songs that they have released. The group’s early dance roots evolved into a psychedelic venture with electronic R&B instrumentation. This in itself created such a large audience and spread like wildfire via the Internet. However, […]

Little Dark Age is a cohesive blend of experimental synth-pop and psychedelia that has displayed MGMT’s evolving sound impeccably. Their work has elevated since their debut album Oracular Spectacular and yet, the record ironically has the continuity of a 70s/80s influence throughout the album.   Nearly the entire album consists of synthesized upbeat indie pop […]

Neon Indian’s latest project, Vega Intl. Night School came on to the scene last fall and finally after a little under a year of touring and playing avant garde events (remember the video for “The Glitzy Hive” shot with GoPros?), Palomo and friends have released a visual dripping with 80’s iconography

You ever find those bands that just give you the chills while you listen to them? Well then say hello to Handsome Ghost.

Photo by Timothy Saccenti I’m going to be honest: When choosing this assignment, I looked at the Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup, closed my eyes, twirled my finger around, and let it land wherever it pleased.

When listening to this E.P. the following stream of words kept popping into my head; French-synth-pop-lucid-dream. If these adjectives sound interesting to you in anyway then you will definitely want to keep reading. Christine and The Queens is the musical pseudonym for the Nantes born singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier. Although she has been releasing material in her native country […]

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