JPEGMAFIA is Wreaking Havoc in Houston for the First Time

Written by on September 19, 2021

Thee JPEGMAFIA is performing in Houston for the first time and you better be there, or else.

JPEGMAFIA has never been anything less than volatile, vulgar, versatile, and so on. Don’t be surprised to hear him singing; check out his cover of “Call Me Maybe.” Just as likely, you’ll see him spitting in some kid’s mouth (They made a shirt out of it, click here). If you’ve never heard this guy, have someone describe to you what he’s capable of. Well, I guess since you’re reading this, that’s my job.

There really isn’t a wrong place to start your journey if you’re interested in diving into his discography. Let me give you some background information before you do so.

JPEG’s real name is Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, although he will sometimes refer to himself, as fans do, as Peggy. JPEG has been making music for over a decade now. After joining the Air Force and being deployed out of the country, he started making music in Japan under the moniker Devon Hendryx . He has stated in an interview of how his deployment has influenced his music, expressing a traumatic series of incidences where he was constantly forced into fetal position from explosives. Fast forward a few years and he resided in Baltimore, undertaking the name JPEGMAFIA.

Now that we’ve gone over a little bit of JPEG’s history, let’s dive into his musical style. If you’re looking for something passive, censored, and/or conventional, keep scrolling. You won’t find that here. He has stated in multiple different occasions his admiration for rappers like Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Ice Cube, which makes sense when you hear his obtrusive vocal delivery.

With that being said, no matter who you are, listening to JPEGMAFIA guarantees one thing: you will be pissed. Peggy skips over no one. Firstly, his lyricism is provocative, to say the least. He will confront head-on, topics like racism and right-wing politicians (his first album is literally called Black Ben Carson). He does not shy away from addressing the other end of the spectrum either, with some tracks addressing the left/liberal side.

Another imperative detail to note is that JPEG writes, produces, and masters his own music. If for whatever reason you feel like his vocal delivery is pushing you back in your seat and you are not having it, take a moment to listen to his mastery skill as a producer on tracks like “Post Verified Lifestyle” and “Cutie Pie.” Both tracks are vastly different but one thing is certain, JPEG’s mind works in a very interesting way. It is as much spontaneous as it is organized; and most importantly, never predictable.

Personally, I have been waiting for quite some time to see JPEGMAFIA. Check out the tracks I linked above and you will be too. He is making his way to Houston for the first time on October 16th, at Warehouse Live. Get your tickets here!


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