Man, it seems just like yesterday that all of us at Coog Radio were placing our bets for who would appear on this year’s lineup. I swore up and down that we’d see Daft Punk, but alas, my predictive powers let me down, but hey we got Justice, which is just as good, at least […]

Who the F*&! is Spooky Black? Nobody anymore because we have Corbin. “See my face when I slide through –   Every place I will find you –   Everytime we fell apart –   Girl I see it in the scars – “ Written by a young man named Corbin Smidzik at the young […]

Felicia the Goat. In every form of art, there exists a wide spectrum, spanning from complete experimentation (think Death Grips) to carbon-copy industry plants that mimic current trends (lol no shade, but think Wiz Khalifa). Within the context of music, both extremities can be pretty unpopular, yet are integral to the inevitable change that will […]

Don’t you hate it when someone just as old as you says something wiser than anything you’ve probably ever said? What about if what was said, was said in passing and the person who said it seems so nonchalant and careless about what they said, that they sound bored in their delivery, and just kept […] Cosmic punk-infatuated indie electronic music, intoxicated with love, drugs, and heavy synths, Phantogram is the quintessential band for a chaotic relationship. You know that couple that’s always breaking up but always ends up finding their way back to each other, only to fight more in an explosive and ardent manner you thought was only […]

Coverage by Waylon O’Day Raj Radia   Wow, so the day finally came, the much anticipated Sound on Sound Fest went off without with some slight hitches. Although these are to be expected when you are starting off what looks to be, and what I personally hope is the beginning of an amazing new Texas music […] If you don’t know Big Boi then you don’t know hip-hop.

On Friday, December 19th, New York-based electronic rock duo Phantogram brought life to the Bayou Music Center stage with their bright light effects and high energy for a full hour and a half set. Their performance was part of 94.5 The Buzz’s ‘BuzzFestivus’ concert series. Opening acts included native Houston band VerseCity, Twin Atlantic from […]

Phantogram, a New York synth-pop duo, is releasing its new album on Monday as announced on its Facebook page. The last time I heard of a Phantogram release was back in 2011 with its EP titled, “Nightlife,” which scored good reviews across the web. Now two out of its four songs are available to stream […]

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