Day for Night Artist Spotlight: Corbin

Written by on December 13, 2017

Who the F*&! is Spooky Black? Nobody anymore because we have Corbin.

“See my face when I slide through –

  Every place I will find you –

  Everytime we fell apart –

  Girl I see it in the scars – “

Written by a young man named Corbin Smidzik at the young age of 16, these lyrics are so poetically placed together and expressed so hauntingly. It’s hard to believe a 16 year old has experienced what is written about in this piece; called “Without You,” released in 2014 as part of a project called “Black Silk.” (check it here) This track earned the title as “one of the best songs of 2014” by Complex, and for good reason. It is of a particularly unique flavor, reminiscent of a vaporwave sort of aesthetic, combined with the airy and ambient production, topped off with a vocal performance like a slower and heavier-hitting T R A P S O U L song. Yikes, this is quite the mess of a description but just listen to the track if you haven’t and you’ll understand. Back to the artist himself.

Corbin, a youth from Minnesota, is a member of the hip-hop group “Stand4ard” with fellow local artists “Alan Kingdom,” “Psymun,” and “Bobby Raps.” When Corbin first released music in 2013, his sound was that of a more hip-hop/rap oriented artist, yet, later on, Corbin released the aforementioned “Without You,” pitching him into the spotlight almost immediately. Corbin took the industry by storm with his mysterious persona, haunting vocals, dark subject matter, unique production, and constant consistency in releases and value of projects. Right after earning the spotlight, Corbin immediately, along with the rest of Stand4rd, went on a US tour, selling out all seven shows on the way.

In 2015 Corbin and Bobby Raps released the joint project “Couch Potato.” After this release, Corbin seemed to disappear, turning down interviews, tours, collaboration requests, and going almost completely silent on social media. Silence from Corbin continued for about 2 years, up until he released the song “destrooy” on SoundCloud unexpectedly. Was he back for good? What pain had he experienced in the two years of silence that he would relay to us through his music? These questions, along with many more, were answered when his album, “Mourn” was released the following September. Corbin was back, and by the sound of it, he was back for good. 

On “Mourn” Corbin addresses more of the darker and heavier subject matter. It’s very clear Corbin has done some growing up (if it was even possible) and with that, experienced much more adversity. Mourn shows us who Corbin is a mature artist, confirms he’s right where he belongs, and relays just how far he can go. Check “Mourn” out here, and make sure to check the rest of his discography out on soundcloud by clicking all the pretty blue links above.

Corbin is making an appearance at Day for Night fest, be sure to catch him!

You can check out more information regarding Day for Night fest here, as well as purchase tickets.

Follow Corbin on twitter here. Check out his Soundcloud here.

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