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Who the F*&! is Spooky Black? Nobody anymore because we have Corbin. “See my face when I slide through –   Every place I will find you –   Everytime we fell apart –   Girl I see it in the scars – “ Written by a young man named Corbin Smidzik at the young […]

Felicia the Goat. In every form of art, there exists a wide spectrum, spanning from complete experimentation (think Death Grips) to carbon-copy industry plants that mimic current trends (lol no shade, but think Wiz Khalifa). Within the context of music, both extremities can be pretty unpopular, yet are integral to the inevitable change that will […]

Annie Erin Clark is a Grammy award winning artist who is better known by her stage name St. Vincent. Though born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Clark moved to Dallas at the age of three and was partly inspired by her uncle and jazz musician Tuck Andress to pick up the guitar at age 12. Her inspirations […]

The veteran electronic duo Justice will be performing at Day for Night 2017. If you do not know about Justice, they are a French duo composed of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay that have been cranking out electronic music on par with legendary contemporaries, Daft Punk. Coming off of their third album Woman, which was released in […]

Don’t you hate it when someone just as old as you says something wiser than anything you’ve probably ever said? What about if what was said, was said in passing and the person who said it seems so nonchalant and careless about what they said, that they sound bored in their delivery, and just kept […]

Photography by: Tiffany Valdez

Coverage by: Trent Lira and Tiffany Valdez Hot and sticky but full of relentless energy, the first day at Free Press Summer Fest was exactly the epic summer party it promised to be. Although the festival was relocated from it’s original spot on the banks of Buffalo Bayou, NRG Park provided much of the same […]

  The Lena Dunham brain-child “Girls” has always garnered attention for the hip and eclectic music choices used on the show. Well, for this season, that continues with exclusive NEW tracks from indie-pop darlings St. Vincent and Grimes. The St. Vincent track is titled “Teen Talk” and the Grimes track is a collaboration with Bleachers […]

Regardless of what same might say about the current musical landscape, great albums come out every year without fail. 2014 was no exception. Many established artist released their best works to date (Beyonce, St Vincent, Ingrid Michaelson) and those were complemented by many great debut albums from new artists as well (Azealia Banks, Betty Who, […]

I’ve been pulling out my hair a lot this week, both in sheer excitement and in anxiety-induced stress over not regularly updating this blog with my sheer excitement. It’s a great year for music, especially for the city of Houston. While we’ve always proven to be a fervent place for local music, H-town is once […]

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