Deep Cuts

Is Deep Cuts’s aesthetic pink silk because it’s in their most recent cover photo on their Facebook page? Or is Chase Harris wrapped in pink silk because it’s their aesthetic? Either way, Deep Cuts sound the way it feels to roll around in pink silk while incense smoke swirls through the air along with thoughts […]

The Friday Summit of the third annual Day for Night was a great warm-up, both literally and figuratively, for the first real day of the festival. The weather on Saturday was unseasonably cold for the Bayou City, add a little intense rain to the mix, it becomes nearly unbearable. However, much like last year, when rain and […]

Who the F*&! is Spooky Black? Nobody anymore because we have Corbin. “See my face when I slide through –   Every place I will find you –   Everytime we fell apart –   Girl I see it in the scars – “ Written by a young man named Corbin Smidzik at the young […]

Felicia the Goat. In every form of art, there exists a wide spectrum, spanning from complete experimentation (think Death Grips) to carbon-copy industry plants that mimic current trends (lol no shade, but think Wiz Khalifa). Within the context of music, both extremities can be pretty unpopular, yet are integral to the inevitable change that will […]

Don’t you hate it when someone just as old as you says something wiser than anything you’ve probably ever said? What about if what was said, was said in passing and the person who said it seems so nonchalant and careless about what they said, that they sound bored in their delivery, and just kept […]

Former Makeout Videotape frontman Mac DeMarco first broke out in April with Rock And Roll Nightclub which was accompanied by a slew of off-the-wall iMovie promos and music videos. Being virtually a new face outside of Montreal, music bloggers all around looking to identify DeMarco’s sound, which he himself describes as “jizz jazz”, often referred […]

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