It’s difficult to make anything original these days. So many stories have already been told, good ideas have already been taken, and it seems like we’ve nearly exhausted every melody possible to make out of the twelve notes available to us. To artists of all persuasions (and even to consumers), this realization can be daunting. […]

California math-rock band, Chon, took over the Bronze Peacock Room at the House of Blues on Saturday night. Despite Justin Bieber playing across the street at Toyota Center, they managed to completely sell out the show. Chon didn’t come alone, of course. They brought a crazy lineup filled with other instrumental bands that brought their […]

Day two of Fun Fun Fun Fest I decided to focus on two things in particular: Nas and the Nite shows. I began the day with Zorch, an Austin-based drummer and synth master duo founded at the Berkeley School of Music. Playing locally for years, they landed a gig- two, actually- at FFFFest this year […]

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