The Front Bottoms

On Saturday October 15, all of the one-day general admission festival attendees from the night before recovered from home, meanwhile, three-day attendees continued to power through their ACL journey by heading back to Zilker Metropolitan Park for another round of stellar concert performances. When festival-goers weren’t busy buying food or merch, they were likely on […]

All Photos taken by Leslie Campos, at House of Blues Houston 11/27/2018 Brother Bird The Front Bottoms   Manchester Orchestra   A large and diverse crowd comprised of diehard rock fans flooded House of Blues on Tuesday, Nov. 27th. Although it was so packed we couldn’t really move around much, it was alright because the […]

Something about my southern upbringing makes me a sucker for almost anything with an acoustic guitar. While I’m not going out of my way to listen to the hottest new country hits by Luke Bryan, there’s a certain amount of familiarity that I feel anytime an album revolves around a lead acoustic guitar, bringing back […]

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