There are lots of My Chemical Romance fans, like myself, that can recall where they were on March 22, 2013, which according to Rolling Stone, is the day the band officially announced their indefinite hiatus.  Since then, fans could only follow all members’ music careers through their collaborations in other groups such as rhythm guitarist […]

Bassist Chris Devine of “The Side Eyes”   The accessibility of recorded music has made it difficult for many to find incentive to go to live shows. Audiophiles could and most definitely would provide lengthy arguments if I was to challenge the significance of recorded music. I would say to that yes, I agree there lies […]

Coverage by Waylon O’Day Raj Radia   Wow, so the day finally came, the much anticipated Sound on Sound Fest went off without with some slight hitches. Although these are to be expected when you are starting off what looks to be, and what I personally hope is the beginning of an amazing new Texas music […]

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