Artist Spotlight: Royal Blood

Written by on March 6, 2015

I would like to personally thank a friend of mine for showing me this band and allowing my ears to come alive when listening to them. They are the masterpiece that is Royal Blood. Formed in 2012 in Brighton of the UK, this two man band has been challenging the boundaries of Alternative Rock. With a vibe similar to The White Stripes and a smidge like Muse, it is very clear to see why won ‘Best British Group’ at the BRIT Awards earlier this year.  They preformed their single “Figure It Out” below to signify why they won in the first place.

In late August, their first album self-titled Royal Blood dropped with it’s ever present heavy guitar riffs and clear drum beat that tie in together perfectly to make a truly alluring song that will be stuck into your head for hours after. The whole album is like that actually. You know it’s good if you can listen to an album track after track and feel like each song was better than the last.

The band has a new single called “Out of The Black,” and the music video premiered earlier last month and it is rather interesting I will say. Check it out below and try to not get too weirded out by the colorful set of characters displayed.

Royal Blood started off the year strong and are going to just keep the ball rolling throughout the year. They are set to do some touring in Europe of their own gigs before hitting America doing some shows and even playing the world famous Coachella festival whilst they are here before flying off to Europe again to open for the Foo Fighters on their tour which they will fit perfectly with, in my opinion.

I am very excited to see what else will come out of this edgy band with its unique but still enjoyable sound. Please give them a listen and see how you feel about them, you will not regret it.

You can listen to their album on Spotify right hereIf you would like to buy their album, the link is here


By Andrea Garza

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