FPSF Artist Spotlight: Leon Bridges

Written by on May 23, 2016



With a voice dangerously smooth and a sound rich with soul, Leon Bridges is an act you definitely don’t want to miss this summer at FPSF.

The 26-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas has a knack for taking you back in time and making you feel something deep down with his soulful crooning and retro style.

“I was studying dance to be a choreographer at the time, and I met this guy who played named Octavian Johnson. I saw it as an open door to sing and try to figure out who I was, so we started sitting around after class and playing music.” – Bridges tells The Daily Beast.

You may have heard his songs “Lisa Sawyer” and “Coming Home” from his critically acclaimed album Coming Home. If not, watch the videos down below for the beginning of a wonderful love affair. Make sure to catch him at FPSF Sunday on June 5.

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