FPSF Artist Spotlight: Thee Oh Sees

Written by on May 25, 2016

The illustrious garage-rock band hailing from the Golden Gate City are bringing their undeniably energetic live show to the Bayou City for the annual Free Press Music Festival on Saturday June 4th in the festivals return to Eleanor Tinsley Park after inclement weather pushed the festival away from it’s traditional home since the festival’s inception in 2009.


The OCS, as they are sometimes abbreviated, is the brainchild of Rhode Island native John Dwyer, who has been a fixture in the San Fransico psychedelic scene since the nineties. Originally, the band was the just Dwyer and his bedroom studio producing off-kilter garage rock instrumentals, and gradually grew into a solidified group with Dwyer on guitar and handling vocals accompanied by a revolving door of backing musicians.

The band is best known for their energetic performances at concerts and their lengthy discography, with stand out albums like personal favorite Floating Coffins. The band recently announced that they will have a new album coming out called A Weird Exits, which is set to be released on August 12th, via Castle Face which Dwyer is part owner of.

Thee Oh Sees have also announced a massive worldwide tour that will take the San Francisco based band as far as Tel Aviv, Israel; and as close as to home as possible with them opening up their tour at Houston’s own Free Press Summer Fest. The fact that these guys are opening up a tour in our city, in support of a new album that won’t be released until two months after their date in the H, makes seeing the OCS all the more necessary. There’s a reason bands usually open and/or close tours in their hometowns, it’s because that’s where a majority of their fanbase is, so even though Thee Oh Sees don’t hail from the Lone Star State, they are showing us a lot of love by letting us be the first to hear their new album, which is sure to be one of their most exciting to date due to the return of former members from their standout albums.

Do yourself a favor, go get your tickets, buy a camelback and some sunscreen, and get ready for what is always the biggest event of the summer here in Houston. With Thee Oh Sees, as well as a host of other great acts, Free Press Summer Fest is shaping up to be one hella good time, yeah I said hella, it’s appropriate in this context. Thanks for reading, leave a comment below, check out the videos, and definitely cop yourself some passes.

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