Day For Night artist spotlight: RZA

In the history of Hip-Hop, there are a few individuals that elevate their craft, change the sound of their culture, and eventually become legendary. One of these individuals include hip-hop producer, artist, screen writer, and director, Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, better known as RZA.


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Originating from the also legendary hip-hop group “The Wu-Tang Clan”, Robert diggs has over a dozen award nominations, as well as classic records, and soundtracks. Diggs (hailing from New York) always wanted to make sure The Wu-Tang Clan put on for their respective neighborhoods.

During his lengthy music career, Diggs also took up the passion of film making. During the late 90’s he began production of a feature-length film based on “Bobby Digital”, an alias he used on various albums. While this film never finished, it began his path into film making.

RZA directed his first feature film, The Man with the Iron Fists, in 2011, and has continued since then with new movies currently in production.

RZA will be performing  at the Day for Night music festival in Houston, TX with Stone Mecca, the future soul group. This a performance audience’s don’t want to miss.


By Terrance Mosley II

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