Day for Night 2016

Coverage by Waylon O’Day, Bree Angela Hamilton, Raj Radia, and Franco Rosa Photos by Aarik Charles and Junior Fernandez People from around the world descended upon the Bayou City this weekend for a one of the most highly anticipated festivals of the year, Day for Night. After the Friday night pre-party which included a DJ […] As solo artists Killer Mike and El-P tout impressive resumes, but together they make a pretty dynamic duo.

Richard David James, better known as Aphex Twin, sometimes stylized as AFX is a electronic musician and composer that is known for his riveting and “idiosyncratic” work in electronic music such as acid techno and IDM. These accomplishments alone have garnered James with high critical praise, and made him a legend in the genre, James was […]

Stephen Bruner (born October 19, 1984), also known by his stage name Thundercat is a world renowned performer, and artist, but also is heavily praised for his unique, and creative music style. Bruner  hails from Los Angeles California, and was born into a family of musicians. Bruner began playing the bass in his early childhood, and […]

In the history of Hip-Hop, there are a few individuals that elevate their craft, change the sound of their culture, and eventually become legendary. One of these individuals include hip-hop producer, artist, screen writer, and director, Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, better known as RZA.   Originating from the also legendary hip-hop group “The Wu-Tang Clan”, Robert diggs […]

Kamerra Franklin (born June 7, 1987) better known as Kam Franklin, is a Houston hometown hero of sorts. Franklin is widely known as the lead singer for the Houston Gulf Coast Soul Group, The Suffers. Franklin got her start backing up world renowned musicians, as well as dancing for them. Franklin is known for her “soulful mezzo-soprano vocals,” […]

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is an American and New Zealand rock band composed of Singer, and guitarist Ruban Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait, keyboardist Quincy McCrary, and drummer Amber Baker. This new age band came together when  Ruban Nielson released the track “Ffunny Ffrends” on his  Bandcamp profile with no information on who uploaded the song. Within […]

Devonté (Dev) Hynes better known as Blood Orange, is a 30 years old artist, producer, songwriter, and composer based out of New York City. Hynes was born December 23rd, 1985 in London, but eventually moved to America (New York) as his career started to balloon in the year 2007. Hynes initially started his music journey in […]

ODESZA is a duo made up of Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches). They met at Western Washington University and although they had met during their freshman year, they didn’t start recording music together until they were seniors in 2012. Knight was classically trained in piano as a child and took up […]

Travis Scott, the son of a drummer and grandson of a music scholar, has been producing beats since he was a teen. Born in Houston, this American musician has been excelling rapidly in his career, satisfying a rapidly growing fan base. When he was 17, Scott partnered up with his friend Chris Holloway and formed […]

Like her website URL proclaims, her name is Banks. Known for the moodiness of her alternative R&B songs and her “mysterious” and intense persona, Banks (sometimes stylized as BANKS) has been lauded as the “next big thing” from the start of her career. Jillian Rose Banks grew up in Los Angeles and taught herself piano […]

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