Day For Night Artist Spotlight: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra is an American and New Zealand rock band composed of Singer, and guitarist Ruban Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait, keyboardist Quincy McCrary, and drummer Amber Baker.

This new age band came together when  Ruban Nielson released the track “Ffunny Ffrends” on his  Bandcamp profile with no information on who uploaded the song. Within a day of the song being live on the internet, the record had received significant coverage from independent music blogs, and numerous plays.

Through users, and bloggers reposting the song in an attempt to find the creators ,  Nielson took advantage of the attention, and finally claimed the track as Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s.

The band soon released their first studio album, the titular Unknown Mortal Orchestra, which quickly garnered them critical acclaim. In the spring of 2012, the band won the Taite Music Prize for the album.

The band now has three albums, with its most recent being Multi-Love.

To catch this band live in action, look no further than the Day For Night music festival in Houston Texas.


By Terrance Mosley II

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