Artist Spotlight: Ama Lou

Co-signed by Drake and Jorja Smith, 20 year-old London artist Ama Lou wrote, directed, and co-produced a super cool, three-part film for her new EP DDD where we see her travel across the desert as a fictional low-level runner in an LA crime ring.

Ama Lou

Teaming up with her director/photographer sister, Ama Lou delivers stunning visuals paired with strong vocals, taking us through the themes of dawn, midday and dusk. Fresh off her tour with Jorja Smith, Lou aims to use her music to proudly voice her social and political beliefs with no sense of fear or worry. She tells Genius,

“I’m very specific about my words. You know when your parents will apologize for you when you’re not really sorry about something? Or they’ll say ‘Oh she didn’t really mean that.’ I’ll be like, ‘I did really mean that. I need you to know that. I didn’t mean it in malice, but I’m not trying to cover up for it to be nice. That’s not the truthful thing of it.‘ I feel like someone’s trying to take me out of my true intention.”

A classically trained singer, Lou’s biggest strength is her authentic personality and raw vocal talent. She could sing with nothing more than her voice and a mic and still deliver chills to the room. With deep, soulful vocals and laid back, almost too cool to care style, Lou holds a strong sense of self-confidence which she expresses through duality, both feminine and androgynous.

Over the course of her short career, she’s already gained the interest of famous artist like Drake and G.O.O.D Music’s Che Pope.

“I have no boundaries on myself and I kind of don’t give a fuck what people think,” she says in a Pigeon and Planes interview. Watch Ama Lou’s DDD short film below and keep an eye out for more upcoming music from this soon-to-be-famous artist.

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