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Written by on November 23, 2018

“When the party’s over” and “Come out and play,” Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter from LA who gained attention in 2016 with her single “ocean eyes.” Growing up in a family of musicians and actors, it’s no wonder Eilish is hitting it big at the early age of 16. She has been singing and dancing her whole life with her first songs being written at the age of 11. “ocean eyes” was first written and performed when she was only 15. Her raw talent is clear. She has a voice that is elegant and flows beautifully through every note, but at the same time she has an edgy, unique lyrical and production style that sets her apart from many great vocalists. Her debut EP, Don’t Smile at Me, was released last year amidst mainly positive reviews and collaborations with Khalid and Vince Staples put her on the radar of many young music listeners. Eilish has confirmed that she’s releasing a new album sometime before the end of 2018, and has already teased us with her new singles, “When the party’s over” and “Come out and play.” The singles are strong, beautiful ballads, and without a doubt impressive for her young age and new artist status. The music video for “When the party’s over” has gained attention, as Eilish drinks a glass of black liquid that leaks out of her eyes. She posted on her social media that it was not edited or a stunt, and that she actually did it, even releasing an unedited clip on her Instagram. Eilish is definitely one of the most talented young artists on the rise today, and you can listen to her new singles on Soundcloud or Spotify.

“Cover My Eyes,” Jackie Venson 

Jackie Venson is a local Austin artist who has been gaining national attention with her incredible voice and talent. Venson is a young, up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and producer who made her way into the local Austin music scene in 2013. Since then, she has been performing in local venues as well as around the world, and released two independent albums. Her singles “Keep On,” and “Never Say Die” have gained attention of music listeners across genres. She’s known for her powerful guitar skills and soulful voice, combining folk/country style with her own soulful and spunky electronic rock twist. Venson also gained national attention this year when she was featured as an entry in NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. As an Austin musician, Venson emphasizes supporting local artists and businesses, and Austin City Hall declared May 21, 2014 Jackie Venson Day, and held a concert in her honor to raise money for an Austin music school. Venson’s local and national presence are growing, and her newest single, “Cover My Eyes” definitely shows promise and development for her as an artist. You can check out the new song on Soundcloud below or click here for her Spotify. 

“Connect,” Elohim

Elohim, a DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter from LA, has been hitting stages all over the country over the past few years with her mesmerizing electropop sound. Her music is hard to pin down to one genre, but is eccentric and bold, but mysterious and personal at the same time. Never showing her entire face or speaking in her own voice, she maintains a mysterious persona and uses her DJ board and lyrics to speak for her. She first gained attention with the songs “Sensations” and “She Talks Too Much,” from her 2016 album. Making a name for herself in both the indie-pop crowd and the EDM scene, her fanbase grew and her anticipated debut self-titled album was a total hit when it was released earlier this year. Dealing with themes of mental illness, relationships, and staying positive through hardships, it is relatable to everyone on some level. Not to mention, her production and electric live performances are incredibly impressive for a fresh new artist like herself. Her unique style, her collaborations with well-known artists like The Glitch Mob and AWOLNATION, and her sets at big festivals like Coachella have all given her a strong foot in the industry. Her newest single, “Connect,” was inspired by her relationship with her fans and her ability to connect with so many through her music. You can click here to check out the music video, listen below on Soundcloud, or click here to check out her Spotify.

The Games I Played, Tsar B

Tsar B is a Belgian R&B/Soul musician and singer, and her music has been blowing up across European festivals and clubs. With vibrant electronic production and a unique voice and lyrics, her music is probably like nothing you’ve heard before. With a European-underground vibe, her singles “Escalante” and “Myth” gained popularity across the globe. Her edgy and mysterious style, dark R&B with Middle Eastern influences, and solid production have earned her comparisons to FKA Twigs and Banks. Her newest album, “The Games I’ve Played,” reveals an even stronger production and more refined style, as each song stands out boldly but flows together on the album perfectly. It’s definitely worth a listen, and Tsar B is an artist to look out for if you’re into the alternative/underground music scene. You can check out her website here, follow her on Twitter, and click here for the full album on Spotify.

Acyrlic, Leikeli47

The perfect album if you need a little brightness in your day, or a good jam to get ready to before you go out this weekend, Acrylic will get you ready to have a good time. Leikeli47 is a rapper from Brooklyn, NYC, who has been making her way onto the rap/hip-hop scene with her unique style and powerful presence. She’s known for always wearing her signature ski mask, and keeping her identity and background a secret. Instead, she focuses on her fun, infectious, and vibrant music, aiming to create more space for black women to be themselves in music. She was recently featured on Fader, with a “love letter to black sacred spaces,” as well as on Pitchfork with a feature for Acrylic. Leikeli47 has also collaborated with Baauer and Pussy Riot, creating a cross-genre presence for herself. With her unique style, bold message, and much needed feminine power in a male-dominant genre, Leikeli47 is definitely a rapper to keep your eye out for as she’s on the come-up. You can check out her music video for “Girl Blunt” from the new album below, and click here to check out the album on Soundcloud, or here for Spotify. 

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